Magazine Drive

Ask your family and friends to renew their subscriptions or try out a new magazine. When you renew or purchase new subscriptions through this drive, Holy Cross receives 40% profit from your order.

If you aren’t a magazine reader, consider donating a magazine to a soldier. Purchase price is $25 which includes a $20 gift card for a magazine subscription to a soldier and $5 in support of the USO.

We hope you will get involved to help make this a great success. Your support will make all the difference in us reaching our goal.

There are two ways you can order:
• You may order directly through a student during the drive by filling out a subscription form or visit
Click: "Parents and Students"
Click: "Is This Your First Visit?" to set up your account (important to track sales). Our school's Online Store ID# is 2663441. Here you may shop for magazines and many other gift items. You may also use this site throughout the year. Please print out your receipt and submit it on any turn-in day to receive proper sales credit. If our drive has ended there is not need to submit a receipt.

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