Dress Code

Students should dress in a manner that does not distract from the educational process. Any type of attire which does not comply with the appearance code, which brings undue attention to the wearer or causes disruption, is not acceptable. It is the responsibility of each parent to insure that his or her child observes the code.

Any student inappropriately dressed may be sent home to change. Time missed from classes will be unexcused and therefore no work will be allowed to be made up. Chronic disregard for the dress code will lead to further disciplinary action. Final say with any dress code issue rest with the Administration.

Students are expected to arrive to school well-groomed and in clean, neat, and appropriate dress. There is no “changing area”. Consequently, all students are expected to arrive to school in appropriate dress.


Shirt/blouses - must be solid in color (short or long-sleeved) and must be tucked in and buttoned at all times.

Pants/slacks - pants/ slacks must be solid in color, fit appropriately, and cannot be jean style. Cargo pants or any pants with extra outside pockets or zippers are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Pants should have a set in waistband and not a drawstring waist.All pants are to be worn above the hips.

Skirts - skirts must be solid in color and appropriate in length-should be anywhere from just above the knee to ankle length.


Shoes - any soft-soled heeled low to moderately heeled shoes are acceptable. No sandals or backless shoes are acceptable, No clogs, No boots.

Sweaters - students may wear a sweater of their choice when cold in the building. Sweaters need to be solid in color and free of logo or designs. No turtleneck sweaters of any kind are allowed.


Ties - ties are to be worn correctly-tied and pushed up to the collar.

Leg wear - leg wear must be solid color stockings or socks, no stripes or designs. Socks or stockings must be worn at all times.

Jewelry - no excessive jewelry & no visible body piercing. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. No heavy, ornamental collars or necklaces allowed. No heavy wallet chains.

Sunglasses - sunglasses may not be worn in school. Where there is a medical reason for prescription sunglasses, a doctor’s note must be presented to the Assistant Principal for Student Life.

Hats or Scarves - hats or scarves are not allowed. This would include bandanas.

Hairstyles - extreme hairstyles or hair colors are not allowed. Students arriving to school with an extreme hairstyle or color will be asked to leave school until the style and/or color can be remedied.

Absolutely no ripped or torn clothing is acceptable for school wear. This would include frayed hems. All clothes should be clean and free of dirt and stains.

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