Memory Book

During our 50th Anniversary year, we want to collect stories and memories from our Crusader community of students, alumni, faculty/staff, parents, grandparents and friends. We invite you to upload your memory to be shared here. Memories can be made in the form of a written testimonial or a video.

Nancy Comeau '82

I have so many happy memories from my years at Holy Cross. The times I cherish the most are the ones spent with my friends, both in school and out. We had a "squad" before it was a thing...and we are going strong 40 years later. There was never a doubt when it was time to choose a high school for our girls that they would attend Holy Cross. We are a proud Holy Cross family.

Sonia Preta '84

Many wonderful personal memories, but the teaching and learning really made HCHS so very special.
- Taking the first ever computer class, and the local newspaper taking a picture of the classroom and writing a featured article about it. (I still have the clipping!)
- Sister Pat Drilling into our heads "possessive before the gerund!!" I always use it to this day.
- Sister Dorothy teaching us that the new testament has only 2 simple rules to follow that cover all ten commandments: Love God and love your neighbor.
- Learning about iambic pentameter from Ms. Hodge who said her parents named her Damaris because of it.
- Reciting Psalm 23 at the beginning of every class with Brother Stefan
- Mr. Whealon using an entire period waiting for us to guess the right answer to one question, while we were tortured with suspense and guessing wrong….question: Why do we learn American history? (answer: Propaganda!) Toughest teacher ever.
- Mrs. Kulpa's strong clear voice making it so easy to learn complex algebra.
- Getting permission from Ms. Stevens (Buzzelli) to make and put up giant "billboards" in the cafeteria to advertise football and basketball games.
- Performing Cyndi Lauper in The Gong Show with the other cheerleaders and losing to Lou Poetl's opera rendition of Come On Feel The Noise.

Cary Razza Fappiano '85
So many fond memories....navigating crowded hallways between the 20 minute mods....sending a carnation on Secret Admirer's Day and the feeling of receiving one....the packed gymnasium during the boys' basketball games and Mr. McDonald coaching....turning our class rings on Ring Night and that special one locking it on the 85th turn....working out with the boys' track team to be more challenged to get better....some memorable teachers and coaches...Sr. Denise Conway, Sr. Pat Jamele, Br. Harold Hathaway, Mr. Carini, Mr. Mambruno, Mr. Corcoran, Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Estrada, Mr. Cunningham, Mrs. Leger, Ms. Matasavage, Mr. Chuck Rinaldi, Mr. Newport, Mrs. Palumbo, Mrs. Giacomi, Br. James Kane, Br. Stefan, Br. Maurice O'Malley, Br. Eldridge, Br. Paul Borelli, Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. King, and so many more.....I remember so many lessons....caring for an unboiled egg in Psych class to teach us about the fragility of caring for a child; writing a paper on love in English, dissecting a fetal pig and any road kill Mrs. Hartman picked up on her way to school in Honors Bio. Turkey Week....Dale Desaulniers earning the award for best costumes every year! One thing is for sure...they were some of the best years of my life with people who I consider my lifelong friends. #grateful2BaCrusader

Jeffrey LaMontagne '95
Former Democratic President Bill Clinton carrying Holy Cross in the Channel One mock Presidential election in 1992( my Sophomore year ). Winning the Mother’s Club award at my graduation in 1995.

Philip Wilson '77
My Dad passed away in my Freshman year. Obviously it was difficult for me. My first day back, the principal, Brother Francis Leary, took me into his office and assured me his door was always open if I needed to talk. That was amazing! I will never forget that. Thanks again Brother!

Michelle Faraci '99
I have so many fond memories of Holy Cross High School,
Where so many tried to break the dress code rule.
We'd walk down the corridors to our own personal tune,
And complain in class we could have slept in till noon.
We'd throw around big words in class,
Like, tumultuous, pharmaceuticals, and I need a hall pass.
Mrs. Barnes taught us Fench with good intentions,
While, Mr. Burns handed us detentions.
Ms. Matasavage taught us to country line dance,
Mr. Lombardo tried to make some Math sense.
Ms. Carbone taught us about the atom,
Mrs. King taught us about Eve and Adam.
Mrs. Marcella had us take career tests,
Mrs. Gustafson said to breathe from our diaphragm and not our chests.
Mrs. Ranft taught us about photosynthesis,
Mrs. Caruso gave us hearing tets and said not to wince.
Mr. Whealon was our U.S History expert,
Ms. Stephan had us digging in the dirt.
There are so many teachers who taught,
That love is given freely and never bought.
We learned about sins and sacraments and trust,
That God gave his one true Son to us.
We learned to get along and make our classmates smile,
And the faculty and staff went that extra mile.
They molded me to be who I am today,
I thank all of them for giving me help in every way.
Thank you teachers for being by my side,
And for helping me when I needed a guide.

James Birkenberger '82
The lifelong friendships I have made with both students and faculty (some who are former classmates and students) are treasured over the years of staying in touch and involved with class reunions. Holy Cross High School instilled upon me the value of respect, both in giving and receiving it.. These values have allowed me to live a happy, contented life and to treat people the way I expect to be treated. I was not a honors student by any means, but there is no way I would have made it through college and other other life challenges without the education and values I learned at Holy Cross High School. For that, I am always grateful.

Jean Henry '79
Memories? Which one? Oh sooo many! I guess I'll start with joining the boys swim team as a freshman. I was one of two girls that joined. My teammate turned best friend for life was Kyle Czarsty. Next year came Katie Tobin. We practiced at the boys club where they had to build us a locker room. We were told in the pool by the coach we swam "like a bunch of broads"....ummm hello!? With a smirk we swam our hearts out and earned the respect of the coach and fellow teammates as we scored many points for our Crusaders.

Other memories: Oronoke after Dark (playboy bunny), reunions (yep, running them) and finally the joy of watching my two girls attend and graduate from HCHS. Forever Green and Gold in our home!!