Holy Cross High School is........

Holy Cross High School is the fully realized vision of Blessed Basil Moreau to educate each person in body, mind and soul. He believed his students should be well-prepared to make choices in life that are inspired by faith and informed by reason. Since our inception in 1968, we welcome those who are seeking a traditional college preparatory education which has stood the test of time.

Our charge is the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth of young men and women. We offer:

  • World-class academics that transcend beyond the classroom.
  • Athletics and arts programs that value teamwork, experimentation and creativity.
  • Service-based programs that strengthen our commitment to philanthropy and spiritual growth.

As a Catholic School, we have the luxury of instilling all school programs with the teachings of Jesus Christ and His love for us. Currently, 66% of our student body is Catholic. The rest is comprised of different belief systems and ideologies, spanning the spectrum. In keeping with Christ’s tradition of having a diverse set of friends and peers, we welcome all. Your uniqueness is your strength at our school. Here, you can be different where it counts.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Holy Cross High School is to assist in the total Christian education of young men and women. To accomplish this, Holy Cross High School, in cooperation with parents, provides a framework, which fosters integration of the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth of each individual.

Holy Cross High School is an integral part of the mission of the Catholic Church. Our special role at Holy Cross High School is founded on the love that Jesus Christ has for us. We believe this love will lead us to an awareness of the uniqueness of each person in the Holy Cross community. The school’s PURPOSE is to foster the development of conscience and a sense of responsibility in each member of the school community. We trust that the awareness of Christ’s love for us will lead us to a Christian commitment which manifests love and concern for all.