Portrait of the Crusader

A Crusader is...

An Inspired Learner

  • Communicates effectively through productive discourse and the written word
  • Demonstrates initiative, responsibility, and resilience with a collaborative spirit 
  • Prioritizes growth, views failure as opportunity, and strives for the best version of oneself 
  • Thinks critically about the synthesis of data and responds creatively with defendable, original work
  • Solves problems through innovation, imagination, and self-advocacy
  • Seeks personal relevance in and ownership of learning to become truly college and career ready

A Faithful Citizen

  • Practices honest self-reflection, mindfulness, and the examination of conscience.
  • Demands fairness, respects others’ beliefs, and values the uniqueness of every human being.
  • Internalizes spheres of influence including family, school, nation, and world.
  • Respects and celebrates the traditions of family and our Holy Cross community.
  • Recognizes and reflects on divine Providence in everyday life. Serves those in need in our world with a selfless and generous spirit.

An Honorable Soul

  • Engages in the quest for happiness and fulfillment with passion, optimism, and courage.
  • Pursues personal and collective goals with zeal, fidelity, care, and purpose.
  • Follows a moral compass rooted in respect, character, integrity, hope, and kindness.
  • Fosters relationships with loyalty, compassion, and empathy.
  • Lives with confidence and bravery tempered by gratitude, humility, and grace.
  • Inspires peers as a role model who serves the common good with selflessness and sacrifice.