Holy Cross High School


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Ordering at your official store is easy!
1. Access our Virtual Bookstore at: http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/holycrosshs-ct.htm
2. Select the courses in which your student is enrolled
3. Select new, used, or digital books
4. Course materials are shipped to you within 24 hours of ordering

MBS Direct has developed a multitude of services designed specifically for Holy Cross families:

A Guaranteed Buyback program to help your family budget for the entire academic term and understand how much it will truly cost to own that particular textbook.

Used books up to 25% off the price of a new book price.

Customer Loyalty program for more money at buyback.

100% returns policy will refund your money for 30 days after the order is placed or 30 days after school has started, whichever comes later

MBS Direct offers their customer service team ready to answer questions, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Just call 1-800-325-3252 or email VB@mbsbooks.com.