We are formalizing our Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] plan to make certain every learner will be prepared as soon as the school year begins. To continue preparing students for 21st century skills and learning, every student will be required to have an acceptable device. Please refer to our minimum requirements.

Our focus has remained on enhancing student learning while minimizing costs and providing convenience. Course selections are being finalized with e-texts wherever possible and with print texts where digital texts are unavailable. Holy Cross has partnered with EdTech Software as we implement all of our e-textbook needs.

There will be a required e-textbook/textbook fee for all families for the 2019-2020 school year.

This price will cover the core academic instructional materials. Each student will have access to e-textbooks after paying this fee through EdTech. Once the fee is paid, the student will have their customized virtual bookshelf available. If students prefer to use hard copy books in addition to the required electronic materials, they may purchase these through EdTech or another book provider for an additional fee.

Please note that other required materials such as paperback novels and other specialized supplies (depending on the course) are not part of this charge. The paperbacks are quite inexpensive to purchase. Students are still expected to have these paperback texts and supplies at the start of the year. Students may purchase these materials through EdTech or other vendors. Many of these texts are also available in pdf forms online.

Elective classes, such as Art, will have additional costs for specialized materials. When classes are finalized, enrolled students will receive additional information.

Finally, there will be a new buy back process for all print texts as a result of Holy Cross no longer partnering with MBS Direct. We will provide EdTech buy back options as well as other competitive buyback choices.