Health & Physical Education

Course #913 Level:* Credit: 1
Required of: All Freshmen

The students will be introduced to the school and the lessons on adjustment to high school for the first unit.They would then proceed to be outside as weather allows for classes in soccer, touch football, and ultimate Frisbee; inside for volleyball and handball.At the beginning of the second quarter, students will move inside to a wellness unit which will cover substance abuse and healthy relationships. Second semester topics will also include mental health and nutrition. During the fourth quarter, students will move into PE once again, participating in activities such as badminton, wiffle ball, basketball, softball and track and field.

Course #923 Level: * Credit: 1
Required of: All Sophomores

The students will participate in the first wellness unit called Sophomore support to help them move toward their future.From there the students will transition into Physical Education and participate in activities such as tennis, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, football and archery.At the beginning of the second quarter, students would move into the health curriculum.Substance abuse, personal safety and CPR will be taught.The possibility of certification in CPR will be given. Students will start out the third quarter in wellness activities. A variety of current health issues will be taught and discussed. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, students will return to physical activity including badminton, volleyball, handball and track/field.