Integrated Arts (Technology/Business, Music, Art)


Course #702 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Juniors and Seniors
This full year course is designed provide students with the foundation to make informed decisions on financial issues which they face presently and in the future. The course covers the topics of savings, checking, investing, budgeting, taxes, insurance, and credit. College and career planning and entrepreneurship are also explored.

Course #701 Level 2: Credit: 1
Open to: Juniors and Seniors

This full year course includes four one quarter sections, as described below:

  • Business Fundamentals: This section will provide a basic understanding of the role of business within our social and economic system, acquainting students with concepts of small business operation and entrepreneurship; the functions of management, production operations, personnel, accounting overviews, finance and investments
  • Economics: This section introduces the basic principles of economics as they relate to the United States economy as well as global economic systems. Included is an introduction to micro and macroeconomics. Microeconomics deals with consumers, firms, markets and income distribution. Macroeconomics deals with national income, employment, inflation and money.
  • Marketing: This section provides an introduction to key marketing concepts, the role of marketing within organizations, and the role of marketing in society.
  • International Business: This section explores the way in which one country’s economic policies can globally impact industries, technology, ecology, standards of living and customs.

Course #711 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

This full year course presents the introductory phases of bookkeeping and accounting for a single proprietorship which deals with services and/or selling merchandise. Preparation and interpretation of journals, ledgers and statements will be stressed. Emphasis will be placed on accounting applications with the computer.

Course #712 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Juniors and Seniors
Prerequisite:Successful completion of Accounting 1 and recommendation of teacher

This course would include accounting for purchases/sales using a general journal, payroll and payroll taxes, uncollectible accounts, financial statements and closing entries and financial statement analysis.

Course #714 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Seniors
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Accounting 2

This course will be a capstone project using the knowledge gained in Accounting 1 and Accounting 2. Students will be completing monthly tasks associated with a single business using Quickbooks and other accounting forms.  Tasks will include processing financial transactions, preparing a payroll, and preparing and analyzing reports.

Course #790 Level: 2 Credit:1
Open to: All students

This is a full year course and includes four one quarter sections, as described below.

  • Quarter 1:  Will involve learning proper typing technique and the basics of Microsoft Word 2016.
  • Quarter 2:  Will involve using Microsoft Word to create Business Cards, Posters, Advertisements, and Pamphlets.
  • Quarter 3:  Will involve learning the basics of Microsoft Excel 2016 and using this knowledge to analyze data and create graphs.
  • Quarter 4:  Will involve learning the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.  The student will learn how to insert music, videos, and pictures to enhance presentations.

Course # 715 Level: APCredit: 1
Open to: Seniors
Prerequisite: 90% in Overview of Business, Accounting I; Recommendation of present teacher in these courses.

This is a full year course that will cover both Micro and Macro Economics and will include topics on: Opportunity Cost, Supply and Demand, inflation and employment policies, balance of international payments, and economic growth.This is an Early College Experience Course (University of Connecticut).All course work will be at the college level, including readings, and will meet the standards set by the University of CT.Successful completion will earn 3 college credits.

Course #718 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Seniors. However, it is recommended that you take one of the following courses prior to or in conjunction with this course: Overview of Business, Accounting 1 or Personal Finance.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Overview of Business, Accounting 1, or Personal Finance

This is a full year course that will cover both Micro and Macro Economics.This course will focus on how economies work and will include the following topics: Opportunity Cost, Supply and Demand, Employment Policies, and Economic Growth.This course is suggested for any students interested in the business field.

Course #704   Level: 2     Credit: 1
Open to: Seniors

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Overview of Business, Accounting 1 or Personal Finance.
This is a full year introductory course into e-commerce.  We will explore how e-commerce is altering business practices and driving shifts in the global economy.  Topics will include: Business Models and Concepts, Technology Infrastructure, Social Issues, and E-Commerce in Action.


Course #950 Level: * Credit: 1
Open to All Students
Prerequisite: none

The Symphonic Band is a performance ensemble consisting of traditional band orchestra instruments - combination of winds, percussion, and strings. Students will work on a variety of music, representing different styles, time periods, and difficulty levels. The coursework will focus on individual performance within an ensemble, developing technique, and preparing for multiple performances through the academic year. Opportunities may include auditions and honors festivals, as well as trips/performance festivals.

Course #954 Level: * Credit: 1
Open to All Students
Prerequisite: none

Through piano studies, students will have the opportunity to begin, develop, and continue to advance their piano skills and technique. Coursework includes daily practice, exercises, notation reading and music literacy. Students will have the opportunity to work with various music technology, create their own music, and take part in a performance. Students who already study piano will continue to develop their skills and improve their technique.

Course #958 Level: * Credit:1
Open to All Students
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: permission of instructor; must play/demonstrate basic level of proficiency on guitar, keyboard, or drums.

Students enrolled in Modern Band will have the opportunity to learn more contemporary music styles and arrangements. Instrument study will be for guitar, bass guitar, drumset, and keyboard/synthesizer. Coursework will include individual skill/technique development for their chosen instrument, as well as modern band arrangements for music in the styles of rock, jazz, and fusion. Students will have the opportunity to perform, audition for music festivals, record music and work with digital music resources.

Course #962 Level: * Credit: 1
Open to All Students
Prerequisite: none

Chamber Choir singers will have the opportunity to experience vocal/choral music in a variety of ways. Singers will be challenged to develop and improve their individual singing skills within the larger ensemble. Coursework will include daily practice and rehearsal, study of a variety of styles representing historical and modern choral music, and music literacy/notation reading. Multiple performances throughout the school will be required, and students will have the option to take part in music festival auditions sponsored by local and state music organizations. There may also be opportunities to travel and perform with the ensemble to various music festivals and parks.

Course #960 Level: * Credit:1
Open to All Students
Prerequisite: none

Music Theory and Composition is designed for those students who wish to learn the language and inner workings of music. Students will have the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge of music notation, symbols, expression markings, scales, key signatures, chords, and overall musicianship. Coursework will include reading, writing, and analysis of music at varying levels of difficulty. Students will also compose their own arrangements and original works using music technology, keyboards, and digital software.

Course #948 Level: * Credit:1
Open to: Juniors and Seniors

Students enrolled in UCONN ECE (Early College Experience) Music Appreciation will be taking a UCONN music course for 3 college credits. The college credit will be awarded by the University of Connecticut upon successful completion of the coursework within the standards established by the UCONN Music Department. This course is designed to provide students with an overall view of the history and influences of Western music (music of Europe and the Americas) covering the past 500+ years. Coursework includes trends and practices that lead to the development of musical styles through historical time periods, key composers and their most influential works, and cultural influences and context. Students will use key vocabulary, develop a resource/catalogue of specific compositions from each time period, and demonstrate understanding of music within the larger context of society. Styles and genres covered will include Classical, Jazz, Electronic, Rock, Opera, and Contemporary.

Course #978 Level: * Credit:1
Open to: Juniors and Seniors
Independent Study

This is an advanced course in the study of music theory, for the purpose of taking the AP Music Theory Exam. Students will engage in the coursework through an independent study, following the guide provided by the instructor. Students will be expected to meet deadlines for coursework, complete tasks, show understanding and demonstrate progress. Work will include music literacy, sight-reading, ear training, harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic dictation, as well as musical analysis.


Course #098
Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Course Description: This full-year course offers students an introduction to the basic elements of visual communication and the print world. Students will gain skills in layout and page design, publishing techniques, copywriting, editing, and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. There will be an emphasis on journalism skills in this class including the development of communication skills via interviewing, reporting, writing, class discussions, presentations, and publications. A special emphasis will be on staying organized, teamwork, critiquing, editing, and meeting authentic deadlines.

Course #981 Level: 2 Credit: 1
This course is an elementary exploration of the various mediums of the studio arts .  Basic drawing, one and two point perspective, color theory, shading, additive sculpture, composition and design will be included.

Course #988 Level: 1 Credit: 1
Open to: Juniors and Seniors
Prerequisite: Painting, Sculpture or Advanced Drawing; recommendation and signature of current art teacher

Students will work in a variety of media to explore either drawing, 2D Design or 3D Design. Students will concentrate in one particular area of interest as well as explore a wide range of artistic problems, techniques and materials. Students will compile a portfolio to be submitted to the Advanced Placement Program for review and possible granting of college credit.

Full year
Course #982 Level:2 Credit:1

Students will engage in an in-depth study of the drawing process based on the text “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards  The course will include line drawing,value studies, portraiture and still life and will emphasize sighting and strengthening of right brain skills.

The Design portion of the course will examine the elements and principles of art and the organizational guidelines of 2 dimensional design.

Full Year
Course #989 Level: 2 Credit 1
Prerequisite: Drawing and Design and the signature of Mrs. Shea

Students explore color theory and oil painting processes and techniques through studies of still life, portraiture, landscape, and figure, and explore the genres of Realism, Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism.
Material cost is approximately $200.00

Full Year
Course #992 Level: 2 Credit 1
Prerequisite: Drawing and Design and the signature of Mrs Shea

Students will explore three-dimensional thinking and three dimensional art-making from concept to completion.  Sculpture types explored will include mobile, relief, and sculpture in the round, with realist and abstract subject matter.  Materials include paper, wire, papier mache, clay and plaster as well as found materials. Material costs range from  approximately $80-100.00

Course # Level: 2 Credit 1
Students will explore advanced drawing problems using all their previous knowledge of drawing concepts.  Composition and the organization of 2 dimensional space will be emphasized, as well as using reference images and objects in composite works that emphasize depth, 3 dimensionality and foreshortening. Materials cost is approximately $50.00

Course # Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: All Students

Art students with a commitment to growth in their skills and previous experience in drawing and color works will have an opportunity to move at a more accelerated pace than in general Introduction to Studio Art.  Students will advance in skills in linear perspective, shading for 3D effects, pen drawing, color theory, figure sculpture and optical illusion. They will also have optional independent pursuits.  The submission of ten to fifteen art-works and a meeting with the department chair are required to register for this course. Materials cost approximately $60.00

Course # Level: 2 Credit 1
This course includes four one quarter sections in rotation. The sections will include four different disciplines in the visual and performing arts such as
visual art, music, theater, voice, and/or dance.

Full year
Course # Level: * Credit:1
Using traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials committed students will develop an awareness and understanding of how to construct a drawing from observation.  Students cultivate their ability to perceive and will explore drawing as a vehicle for communication and self-expression.  A final portfolio will be turned in at the end of the year.  Successful completion of Studio Art and instructor permission required.