Holy Cross High School Academy at Post University

We are pleased to announce our official educational collaboration with Post University. Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, Holy Cross High School will offer on-line coursework through Post University as a dual enrollment option during a student’s academic day at Holy Cross. The online course  will take place in a singularly scheduled block and will allow for students to enroll in any of the course offerings with the assistance of a Post professor and under the guidance of a Holy Cross teacher responsible for facilitating the course.

Each on-line course will equate to Holy Cross elective credit and three credits from Post University simultaneously. Each course is eight (8) weeks long, which equates to our academic quarters, therefore a student may take two (2) online courses per semester and four (4) online courses per school year at a cost of $300 per course. In addition, enrollment in these courses requires the following prerequisites from each student:

  1. Minimum 10th grader
  2. GPA of 3.0 or above
  3. Recommendation from an administrator, guidance counselor, or teacher

The courses offered for the 2020-21 school year are as follows:

  • CTC101 -     College Success Seminar
  • ENG110 -     College Writing I
  • ENG120 -     College Writing II
  • ART101 -     Art History 1
  • ART102 -     Art History II
  • GEO101 -     World Regional Geography
  • PSC101 -     American National Government
  • PSC102 -     State and Local Government
  • SOC101 -     Principles of Sociology
  • PHL101 -     Introduction to Philosophy
  • COM107 -     Introduction to Communication
  • HSV101 -     Introduction to Human Services
  • CHS111 -     Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • SMG101 -    Foundations of Sports Management
  • CIS112 -     Introduction to Computing
  • CIS120 -    Introduction to Information Technology
  • ACC111 -     Financial Accounting
  • MGT105 -     Principles of Management
  • LAW101 -     Introduction to Law
  • MAT105 -     Quantitative Methods

Holy Cross students benefit from this program in multiple ways.  First, students are able to access a broader scope of subjects.   Second, students gain invaluable experience taking online classes - something most students will experience at some point in their post-secondary years - in a supported environment.   Third, students graduating from Holy Cross with a qualifying GPA will have access to a generous merit scholarship offered by Post University