Course #822 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Required of: Freshmen

This course will examine major themes and personalities of the Bible. It will investigate how these themes might be integrated into the everyday lives of the students. The course will incorporate a study of God's revelation in the Christian Scriptures and focus on the person of Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith.

Course #831 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Required of: Sophomores

This course will present the foundation, principles and practice of Christian Morality. Emphasis will be placed on making responsible, moral decisions. The course will examine the Church teachings on major moral social issues confronting people today, especially people living in the United States.

Course #845 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Required of: Juniors

In this course, students will explore the social teachings of the Catholic Church as they relate to the principles of human dignity, respect for life, personal rights and responsibilities, and stewardship. Students will also study the roots of Christianity so as to appreciate the historical perspective of the Catholic Church and how it relates to the modern world.

Course #853 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Seniors
Prerequisite: Students must have applied and been accepted to register for this course

The Peer Ministry course is designed to help students develop and enhance their understanding of ministry in and for the school community, the Church and the outside community. Students will be asked to assist in school liturgies, retreats and service related projects which are integral to the communal life of Holy Cross High School. In class, studies will examine what it means to be a minister of God and will examine the lives of specific saints who were called to minister God's message.

Course #854 Level: 2 Credit: 1
Open to: Seniors

This course will be divided into two semesters.During the first semester, students will study the Church’s teaching on many of the current social challenges they will encounter in today’s world, with special emphasis on business and bioethics.During the second semester, students will come to understand the manner in which the Catholic Church relates to other religions of the world, by building on the foundational truth that Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church and entrusted her the fullness of God’s revelation.