Course #822 Level: 2 Credit: 1 Required of Freshmen
This course will introduce students to God’s plan of Salvation History as revealed in Sacred Scripture. Students will learn how the various Covenants established by God throughout the Bible play a major role in understanding Divine Revelation. Students will learn how the Bible is the Word of God and come to appreciate how God’s plan of Salvation unfolds from the Old Testament to the New and is fulfilled in the Person of Jesus-the Word made flesh.

Course #831 Level: 2 Credit: 1 Required of Sophomores
This course will present the foundation, principles and practice of Christian Morality. Emphasis will be placed on freedom and responsibility, making moral decisions, development of character, appreciating the value and dignity of human beings as made in the image and likeness of God. The course will be foundational for the junior level Catholic Social Teachings and senior level Ethics courses.


Course #845 Level: 2 Credit: 1 Required of Juniors
Church History and World Religions: Students will study the roots of Christianity so as to appreciate the historical perspective of the Catholic Church and how it relates to the modern world. Additionally, students will come to understand the manner in which the Catholic Church relates to other religions of the world, by building on the foundational truth that Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church and entrusted her the fullness of God’s revelation.
Catholic Social Teaching: In this course students will explore the social teachings of the Catholic Church as they relate to the principles of human dignity, respect for life, personal rights and responsibilities, and stewardship.

PARTICLES OF FAITH (First Semester) / ETHICS (Second Semester)
Course #825 Level: 2 Credit: 1  Required of Seniors
Particles of Faith: “What is the origin of life? Does the Big Bang Theory prove God? Can a Christian accept the theory of evolution?” This course aims to help students find real answers to real questions about the interaction of science and faith and the Church’s teaching on the unity of faith and reason.
Ethics: Students will study the Church’s teaching on many of the current social challenges they will encounter in today’s world, with special emphasis on business, legal, and medical ethics.