Course Registration 2019-2020

This page contains a description of the school’s course offerings for the 2019-2020 school year. Your teachers will be happy to guide you in making a course sequence selection that best fits your needs. Department Chairpersons will also be available in the event that clarification is needed during the process. All students will consult with their Guidance Counselor.


Course Registration Process



  • Monday, March 4: Students will receive Course Selection Forms during homeroom. They must be completed and signed by parents no later than March 13th.
  • Monday, March 4 through Thursday, March 7: Teachers will advise students on the courses that the student should consider taking for the next academic year.Teachers will approve, via signatures, the course selection for students who request changes in levels or enrollment in restricted electives.Guidance counselors will meet with students in designated classes to answer all questions about academics, careers and/or colleges.
  • Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12: Homeroom teachers will collect the signed course selection forms and return them to the main office.
  • Wednesday, March 13 through Friday, March 15:Guidance counselors will perform final review of students’ course selections.
  • All students are required to take a minimum of six (6) academic courses (level AP, 1, 2, 3) each semester.The academic courses are graded numerically and affect students’ honor roll status and class rank.Students receive credit for enrichment courses (level *) but these courses do not fulfill academic requirements.
  • Although a student may take more than six academic courses, care should be taken so that one does not design a program that is too difficult for him or her.
  • Present Freshmen & Sophomores may fill their 8th block from a choice of various enrichment and academic offerings. This should be done with the direction of his/her guidance counselor. Please note, (1) credit in the Arts (Performing, Visual, or Expressive) is required for graduation.If a current freshman has not fulfilled this requirement, he/she should consider Course # 991: Introduction to the Arts.
  • Present Juniors will register for a minimum of six academic courses each semester. In lieu of a seventh or eighth class, a senior may select an elective or study.If the study is scheduled for Block 4, a senior may be allowed Early Release with parent’s permission/signature.Please note, Early Release is NOT guaranteed.
  • Some electives have limited enrollment.Sophomores and Juniors are asked to designate alternate choices on the back of the Course Selection Form.Every effort will be made to schedule students’ first choice electives; however, in some cases it may not be possible. (For semester courses, if a student’s 1st choice of semester is not possible, an attempt will be made to schedule the alternate semester.)
  • Please pay attention to the course prerequisites and co-requisites, especially in the Mathematics and World Language Departments. If a student registers for a CPA course and at year end does not satisfy the grade prerequisite for that course, the school will assume that he or she will attend Summer School in order to fulfill the requirement. If a student registers for an Honors course and does not satisfy the grade prerequisite for that course at year end, the school will place the student in CPA level of the course.
  • Students and parents who need assistance in selecting the appropriate courses should contact the Guidance Department.

Registration Instructions

Students should pay attention to directions for those courses that have specific prerequisites.It is essential that the student satisfies all the prerequisites including the final year average.There are two reasons for this:

  • We want to make sure that a student is not signing up for courses that are too difficult for him/her;
  • The student has the necessary background to be able to satisfactorily pass the course.

In the event that a student selects a course for which he/she has not fulfilled the stated requirements, in June, depending upon the level of the registered class, the student will either be removed from the class or required to go to summer school.


NOTE: It is school policy that all failures in required subjects must be made up during the summer (i.e., summer school). The Vice President for Academics will determine whether or not a failure by a student in an elected course will have to be made up during the summer. Such failures would have to be made up in cases where a student has an insufficient number of credits towards graduation or has not passed the minimum number of five academic subjects.

  1. Each student is required to register for six (6) academic courses for each semester.Students may take a seventh academic course with the prior approval of his/her guidance counselor. Academic courses are those ranked AP, 12, or 3.
  2. Level (*) courses are regarded as enrichment courses and, therefore, do not fulfill academic requirements.These courses are elected above and beyond the academic subjects.
  3. Any student who wishes to move up or down a level in a given subject must obtain his/her present teacher’s approval via a signature on the Course Request Form.
  4. All students must complete a Geometry and Algebra 2 program by the end of the junior year.
  5. If a student was medically exempted from Physical Education in either his/her freshman or sophomore year, he/she is obliged to fulfill the two year requirement, unless the exemption is still valid.
  6. Students are asked to select courses based on the relative merit of the course and not by a student’s knowledge of the teacher who might be teaching that course.Teachers’ assignments will not be finalized until August.
  7. The school strongly recommends the following: a.) the student balances his/her program of studies in terms of level of difficulty; b. the student elects honors courses only in those areas that he/she shows talent and interest, i.e. not electing too many honors courses.
  8. DEADLINE FOR COURSE REQUEST CHANGE IS May 17,2020.Please take time to talk to your teachers and/or counselors so that you may arrive at a program of studies which fits your needs.The school administration will make every effort to schedule your course requests. Unless there are special circumstances, students may not change schedules after classes begin.
  9. The administration reserves the right to withdraw courses with insufficient registration and to make necessary changes in the schedule of courses.
  10. Working too many hours may affect a student's academic performance and may compromise his/her educational development. While the school is aware that some students may need to work in order to attend Holy Cross, it is recommended that students and parents carefully review the financial needs versus the educational expectations before the student makes part-time job commitments during the school year.Such employment should not interfere with the educational goals set by the school and assumed by the parents.
  11. Combining job commitment with an active social life may hinder the student's time spent in his/her primary responsibility area - the school's program.The school's curricular and extracurricular program is designed to develop a well-rounded person. Generally, the academic program requires home study on a nightly basis.


Course Selection Guidelines

The following guidelines from the Guidance Office outline general preparatory courses you will need for college. If you have questions that are not answered below, please make an appointment with your Guidance Counselor for individual help.(Note: All students will consult a member of the Guidance Department.)

The study of a single world language for three years in high school will meet the graduation requirements of many colleges and universities.

Several college programs require more than general preparatory courses; the most common of these programs are detailed below. For a college to consider your high school background in any of the specified fields, it is wise that you not only take an appropriate course, but successfully complete it by attaining a grade of at least 75%.

Professional Pathways

The Holy Cross High School experience marries a time-honored Catholic tradition with 21st century innovation to prepare students for a happy and successful life beyond high school. As students navigate though their high school years, they discover interests that develop into life-long passions and ultimately, transform them into better versions of themselves. To better prepare them for their college careers, we offer Professional Pathways. This program is comprised of academic tracks for those seeking to major in Engineering, Education, Business/Finance or Medicine. Each class is led by dedicated faculty members with first hand knowledge of their academic disciplines. Students may also have a chance to participate in internships and other opportunities related to their respective tracks.

Currently, Holy Cross High School has a college acceptance rate of 100%. Graduating Crusaders go on to pursue their dreams at universities and colleges all over the country including Harvard, Northeastern, University of Connecticut, Fordham, Providence, Roger Williams, Hofstra, Marist, University of California, Tulane and many more. With our Professional Pathways program, our students will have the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive and succeed.

Please click here to see examples of Professional Pathways Tracks.

Graduation Requirements

The current minimum requirement for graduation is twenty-five (25) credits. These credits are divided as follows:

Course Selection Scheme

Freshman Year

  • English 9
  • World History I
  • Algebra
  • World Language
  • Biology
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Elective

Sophomore Year

  • English 10
  • World History II
  • Geometry
  • World Language
  • Chemistry
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Elective

Junior Year

  • English 11
  • American History
  • Algebra 2
  • World Language
  • Physics/Physical Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Elective
  • Elective

Senior Year

  • English 12
  • Religious Studies
  • Academic Elective
  • Academic Elective
  • Academic Elective
  • Academic Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

  • Religious studies are required of all students.
  • The science requirement for juniors who had Chemistry as sophomores is Physics or Earth Science. Neuroscience may not be used to satisfy the junior science requirement.
  • Although twenty five Academic credits are currently required for graduation, all students, including seniors, are required to pass five (full year) Academic courses each year for promotion.
  • Seniors may not be allowed to graduate publicly if they do not pass five Academic subjects in their senior year. Academic courses are those designated as Level AP, 1, 2 or 3.