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The Guidance Department of Holy Cross High School is committed to helping students understand themselves and the opportunities available to them in accordance with the Holy Cross mission statement, which encourages cultivation of hearts and minds.

Holy Cross High School offers students counseling and guidance on an individual and group basis concerning personal, academic, college, and career decisions. The guidance counselors work closely with the administration, faculty, and parents to meet the educational needs and aspirations of our students. Appointments may be initiated by students or counselor, or referrals may be made by administration, faculty or parents.


The Freshman year at Holy Cross High School is a time of self-exploration and transition. Our goal is to introduce new students and their families to the school’s resources so they can maximize the integration of their talents and skills to our academic environment. (Read More)


Junior year is a time to focus on future options and to prepare for college and/or career choices. Students complete the PSAT in October and results are discussed at length within individual meetings. Juniors also begin a comprehensive college search process which seeks to match each student with several possible colleges based on the individual student’s needs and preferences. (Read More)


The Sophomore students will continue to learn core academic competencies. Each student will learn the self-assessment process, which identifies specific areas of interest, strengths & weaknesses, effective communication skills, study skills, and time management skills. (Read More)


Senior year at Holy Cross is a time to apply to colleges or prepare for other career choices. Preparation for the college process will continue to build upon what was covered in the student’s junior year. At the beginning of their senior year, the students will meet in groups and individually with their Guidance Counselor to discuss plans for the future. (Read More)

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Catherine Xeller, Director of Guidance

Jodie LaCava McGarrity '93, Counselor

Mike Wilson, Counselor