Freshman Year

The freshman year at Holy Cross High School is a time of self-exploration and transition. Our goal is to introduce new students and their families to the school’s resources so they can maximize the integration of their talents and skills to our academic environment.The process begins before entering Holy Cross as students and their parents participate in an orientation program to help acquaint them to the school’s philosophy, academic expectations and curriculum.

The learning experience during our transitional program is geared toward supporting and fostering academic success by actively involving students and encouraging responsible adjustment to high school.Students learn study skills, time management, research strategies, and self-awareness.In a collaborative effort with Guidance, our Campus Ministry Program plays a key role in this transition by identifying and training Peer Ministers to actively work with the freshman class. During the school year, Peer Ministers help facilitate discussions on issues concerning diversity, service, learning resources, and the intellectual and spiritual life of Holy Cross.All of these components are designed to acquaint freshmen with the school’s values, academic expectations, and spirit.


  • To promote a positive adjustment to a new learning environment
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop connections with peers, faculty, and the Holy Cross community that will support and enrich their high school experience
  • To encourage freshmen to develop personal goals for high school, college, and life
  • To assist freshmen in defining the value of education
  • To help students learn how to balance their time with a sense of responsibility as part of the process of enhancing self-knowledge and self-confidence
  • To introduce students to the helping resources at Holy Cross, including Library Media Center, Math/Science/Writing/Language Labs, Peer Ministers and Guidance Services
  • To help strengthen students’ communication skills
  • To provide information on health and wellness issues


  • Monitors and counsels students with educational concerns through Academic Advising
  • Confers with students referred by parents, faculty, administrators, self or other students
  • Provides personal, career, and academic counseling as needed
  • Provides counseling regarding course selection for the following academic year
  • Prepares students for academic success through group sessions and learning units

The following are some of the programs prepared for incoming freshmen:

  • Freshmen Retreat & Orientation (August)
  • Group Meetings (Learning Styles/Individual Meetings) (September)
  • Freshman Foundations (October)
  • Presentation on Study Skills & Time Management: Preparing for Midterms (December)
  • Individual Meetings with Freshmen: Post-Midterm Check-In (February)
  • Academic Advising Meetings (March)
  • Goal-Setting for Sophomore Year (Resume) (May)