Senior Year

Senior year at Holy Cross is a time to apply to colleges or prepare for other career choices.Preparation for the college process will continue to build upon what was covered in the student’s junior year.At the beginning of their senior year, the students will meet in groups and individually with their Guidance Counselor to discuss plans for the future.Services vary depending on the needs of the individual student; developing lists of colleges, advising future life goals, and ensuring a student meets graduation requirements are among topics discussed.Guidance Counselors will help facilitate the scholarship search and applications as well.


  • To assist students in their personal, academic, and career development
  • To prepare students for the college admissions process
  • To advise students with their future goals
  • To ensure students are prepared for the transition to college or career


  • Monitors and counsels students with educational concerns through Academic Advising
  • Provides personal, career, and academic counseling as needed
  • Provides counseling regarding college and career exploration
  • Prepares students for college admission process through group sessions and individual meetings
  • Facilitates scholarship search

The following are some of the programs prepared for Seniors:

  • Individual Meetings (September)
  • Senior Parent College Information & Financial Aid Evening (September)
  • SAT/ ACT Registration and Administration (October)
  • College Application Process (September through December)
  • Individual and Group Meetings (February/March)