Sophomore Year

The Sophomore Year at Holy Cross, students will continue to learn core academic competencies in English, Math, History, Science, and Foreign Language.Students will study in Fine Arts, Technology, Music, Health/Physical Education, Spirituality, and begin Career Exploration.Each sophomore will learn the self-assessment process, which identifies specific areas of interest, strengths/weaknesses, effective communication skills, study skills, and time management skills.Students will be encouraged to develop a positive view of self, family and community, an understanding and respect of different cultures, the drive to succeed academically, socially and personally in order to achieve future career goals.


  • To focus their career exploration and develop a specific career action plan
  • To engage in self-assessment of interests, skills, abilities and strengths/weaknesses
  • To identify different career clusters
  • To identify current career trends
  • To explore professions that correspond to their interests
  • To formulate strategies to achieve their career goals


  • Monitors and counsels students with educational concerns through Academic Advising
  • Confers with students referred by parents, faculty, administrators, self or other students
  • Provides personal, career, and/or academic counseling as needed
  • Provides counseling regarding course selection for the following academic year

The following are some of the programs prepared for sophomores:

  • Presentation on Sophomore Year Goals/Naviance Refresher & Resume (September)
  • PSAT Test (October)
  • PSAT Test Results/Individual Meetings (December)
  • Career Planning Process Presentation/Career Interest Profiler (February)
  • Academic Advising Meeting (March)
  • Goal-Setting for Junior Year/Resume (April/May)