Karenna Alexander ’84 Publishes Relationship Book

While attending a journalism convention, Karenna Alexander (Karen Ali) ’84, then a crime reporter for the Danbury News-Times, met and connected with a man from Los Angeles. They enjoyed getting to know each other and started the early part of the courting process. He promised Karenna that he would contact with her when he returned home. He never followed up on his promise. 

After this failed attempt at a relationship, she sought help from Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, authors of The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right. She found that many of their views resonated with her. 

The combination of reading the book and learning from these women culminated in a complete transformation in Karenna both personally and professionally. It inspired her to help other women as a trained dating and relationship coach. That led her to write an advice column in the Danbury News-Times. She became a full-time coach in 2014 and developed KACM Consulting, LLC. 

She also became a certified matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute in NYC. For several years, she coached women and worked as a matchmaker. These experiences inspired her new book, A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men: Dating Secrets Most Women Don’t Know.  

Her views on modern courtship are expressed in this book. She expresses her views on male and female roles during the early stages of a relationship.

"I want to help women understand men, especially during the courtship process," she said. "Men and women are not the same romantically. I want to help women weed out the guys that are wrong for them.” 

Karenna interviews hundreds of men for the book and observed them when she was a matchmaker. “98% of the world doesn’t do this kind of thing because we weren’t taught this growing up. This book is for anyone who is getting hurt by someone. I want people to understand that there is a way out of frustrating relationships.” 


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