The Mid-Autumn Festival Comes to Oronoke Road

The International Club, along with friends from AIEP (Apex International Education Partners) gathered together for a lunch to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (i.e. Mooncake Festival, Moon Festival). This is celebrated by many Asian communities. It traditionally falls on the fifteenth  day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is in September or early October on the Gregorian calendar.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar (and traditional solar calendar), the eighth month is the second month of autumn. As the four seasons each have three (about-30-day) months on the traditional calendars, day fifteen of month eight is "the middle of autumn".

“The Asian communities use this time to celebrate the harvest and worship the moon,” said Jodie LaCava McGarrity ’93, Director of International Programs/Guidance Counselor. “Our students typically spend it with their families. We wanted to bring a piece of home to them here at Holy Cross.”
This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 19th through the 21st.

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