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A Crusader #GivingTuesday Story, Part 3: Julia Petrokaitis '20

Holy Cross has always been a part of Julia Petrokaitis's life. Her parents came to school here. She remembers the day she shadowed at Holy Cross as an eighth grader. She also has vivid memories of attending the Alumni Easter Egg Hunt with her siblings.

"It was a tradition for our family," said Julia. "We came every year. My family loves this school. My parents said that it shaped them into what they are today."

Julia felt the warmth and support of the Holy Cross family. However, a life-changing incident in her freshmen year showed her how deep Holy Cross's support went.

Julia always suffered from headaches. She and the people around her assumed they were from sinuses. In October of her freshmen year, they got progressively worse. The doctors told her that she had a tumor on her brain, and she needed emergency surgery. She was born with the tumor, but never knew about it.

"It was so weird," she said. "The day before the surgery, I was taking an exam and later went to a dance. It was so unexpected."

The recovery was long. Slowly but surely, Julia incorporated school back into her life. Initially, she was back in the classroom for three hours a day. Shortly thereafter, she increased it to four hours a day. After Christmas of last year, she was back to school full-time.

Julia felt the true love of the Holy Cross community. "Holy Cross is like a family. Everyone cares about one another. They want the best for everyone...My mom contacted my teachers while I was in the hospital. Everyone was so concerned with how I was doing. They were rooting for me to get better. I need to give special thanks to Mrs. Conetta, Mr. Lauzon, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Carrah, Mr. Colella and Mr. Mulhern."

The Holy Cross faculty is the lifeblood of the school. They make an indelible impact on all of their students, like Julia. They stay after school to offer extra help. They support their students by attending games, plays and other activities. They dedicate their lives to the complete development of their students. They provide their students with the skills to become life-long learners.

The Holy Cross Annual Fund, which supports the school's operating budget, pays for many items that support the faculty and by extension, our students. Holy Cross invites you to join us on Tuesday, November 28th for #GivingTuesday, a global day devoted to giving back to organizations that you have a connection with. All monies raised will go towards the 2017-2018 Annual Fund. Please remember Holy Cross as you make your philanthropic priorities on this 24-hour celebration of giving. Your act of giving back will give students like Julia the resources they need so that they can realize their dreams and reach their full potential as scholars and future citizens.