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A Crusader #GivingTuesday Story, Part 2: Shouming "Daniel" Huang '18

Shouming "Daniel" Huang '18, a native of China, always wanted to attend school in the United States. He researched schools with a rigorous, diverse academic program and a supportive community. Upon arrival in America as a sophomore student, he attended a large Connecticut public school in Fairfield County. He was there for four days before realizing that it wasn't for him.

"I wanted more attention from my teachers," he said. "It was hard to get that in such a large school. That is one of the reasons why I chose to come to Holy Cross. The class sizes are small. Everyone is friendly. Everyone knows each other. We are a family."

Daniel started learning English at age five. His teachers gave him text books and told him the definitions of words; however, he didn't get many chances to practice speaking English.

"I understood what other people would say, but I would struggle with speaking. I finally encouraged myself to talk to people when I got to Holy Cross."

For the first few months, Daniel had some challenges, particularly with his English classes. He would stay after school for extra help. "My teachers have been so great," he said. "They would always stay late and help me. By junior year, I overcame my difficulties."

Since his arrival, Daniel has thrived as a scholar, an athlete and a leader. In addition to taking a full course load, he is active on the tennis and soccer teams. He became a captain for tennis. "My teammates gave me a lot of support. They also helped me forget being away from home because I still do miss home. I communicate with my parents through FaceTime a few times a week. I get to share my experiences with them."

Like other seniors, Daniel is heavily into his college search. He plans to stay in America to attend. "I've already applied to Boston University and University of Virginia for early action. I plan to apply to more."

Daniel is acutely aware of the many opportunities afforded to him by his family and the Crusader community. He is very thankful for everyone that has helped him during his time at Holy Cross. He also realizes that there are many more future students that can benefit from the same programs he participated in.

"Holy Cross has a great tradition," said Daniel. "As a student, I experienced a lot of support academically and socially. Through help from others, we can allow our teachers to build on our great traditions and make Holy Cross an even better place."

Holy Cross invites you to join us on Tuesday, November 28th for #GivingTuesday, a global day devoted to giving back to organizations that you have a connection with. Please remember Holy Cross as you make your philanthropic priorities on this 24-hour celebration of giving. Your act of giving back will give students like Daniel the resources they need so that they can realize their dreams and reach their full potential as scholars and future citizens.