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Academic Achievements Celebrated at 2017 Honors Convocation

Congratulations to all of our students who were honored at this year's Honors Convocation.


Nicholas Frappier '20: Introduction to Scripture

Marie Allysa Cayabyab '19: Christian Morality

Caitlin Kinsella '18: Catholic Social Teaching / Church History

Andrea Pettinico '17: Peer Ministry

Gillian Russo '17: Development of Faith Through the Arts

Leandro Mongelluzo '17: World Religions

Anthony Barbino '17: Catholic Ethics

Jonathan Barney '17:Theology Medal of Honor

Emma Gargano '17: Theology Medal of Honor


Katelyn Honegger '20: Introduction to Studio Art

Jenny Lin '19:Introduction to Studio Art

Junyan "Eileen" Xue '20:Introduction to Studio Art

Lingye "Peter" Zhu '19: Introduction to Studio Art

Carley DeFoe '19: Drawing & Design

Lauren Hamilton '19: Drawing & Design

Nicole Madrid '19: Drawing & Design

Julia Mecca '18: Painting 1

Angel Zhao '19: Painting 1

Lucy Gallagher '17: Painting 2

Julia Mecca '18: Sculpture 1

Grace Parenti '18: Sculpture 1

Angel Zhao '19: Sculpture 1

Paulo DaCosta '17: Sculpture 2


Omfolade Olusanya '20:English 9 Honors

Xinlin "Melody" Cai '20: English 9 CP A

Aidan Nixon '20: English 9 CP & English Skills

Marie Allysa Cayabyab '19: English 10 Honors

Julia Dzinski '19: English 10 CP A

Caitlin Kinsella '18: English 11 Honors

Elena Tormo '18: English 11 CP A

Caitlin Kinsella '18: Language & Composition AP

Gillian Russo '17: Literature AP

Tess Oatley '17: English 12 Honors

Jennifer Carroll '17: English 12 CP

Caitlin Dreher '18: Creative Writing

Tristen Ciarlo '18: Effective Writing 1

Gillian Russo '17:Journalism

Erin Buckley '18: Effective Writing 2

William Marshall '18: Public Speaking

Gillian Russo '17: English Medal of Honor

World Language

Michael Famiglietti '20: Italian 1

Zachary Lerner '19: Italian 2

Angelina Failla '18: Italian 3

Marina Setaro '17: Italian 4

Lingxiao "Alan" Cui '18: Spanish 1

Natasha Angel '19: Spanish 2 Honors

Jenny Lin '19: Spanish 2 CP

Michael Stenman '18: Conversational Spanish 2

Elise Pelletier '19: Spanish 3 Honors

Elena Tormo '18: Spanish 3 CP

Dillon Sanzari'18: Conversational Spanish 3

Gillian Russo '17:AP Early College Experience Spanish

Solomina Darko '18: Advanced Spanish Honors

Sarah Lawton '17: Spanish 4 CP

Mary Gillette '19: French 2 Honors

Kiara Buscaino '19: French 2

Aiden McCarthy '18: French 3 Honors

Michel Desaulniers '18: French 3 CP

Patrick McMahon '17: Early College Experience French

Patrick McMahon '17: The French Medal of Honor

Marina Setaro '17: The Italian Medal of Honor

Gillian Russo '17: The Spanish Medal of Honor

Health & Physical Education

Michael Famiglietti '20: Physical Education Freshman Boy

Julia Petrokaitis '20: Physical Education Freshman Girl

Kyle Moser '19: Physical Education Sophomore Boy

Lauren Raad '19: Physical Education Sophomore Girl

Nicholas Frappier '20: Health Freshman Boy

Brandi McIntosh '20: Health Freshman Girl

William Greene '19: Health Sophomore Boy

Valerie Nobrega '19: Health Sophomore Girl

Zachary Mehlin '17: Outstanding H.S. Phys.Ed. Award

Devan Eason '18: Outstanding H.S. Phys.Ed. Award


Xinlin "Melody" Cai '20: Algebra 1 Honors

Jenna Mowad '17: Algebra 1 CP A

Gianna Febbriello '17: Algebra 1 CP

Lingye "Peter" Zhu '19: Geometry Honors

Julia Joyce '19: Geometry CP A

Gabriel Giroux '19: Geometry CP

Lingxiao "Alan" Cui '19: Algebra 2 Honors

Caitlin Kinsella '18:Algebra 2 Honors

Nicole Rohlman '18: Advanced Algebra 2 CP

Michael Perkins '18: Algebra 2 CP A

Adriana Perugini '18: Algebra 2 CP A

Francis Phelan'18: Algebra 2 CP

Wen Ting Zheng '18: Pre Calculus Honors

Juliana Battaglia '17: Pre Calculus CP

Wanchen "Gilbert" Hong '17: Statistics CP

Gavin Nealon'17: Statistics CP

Lucy Gallagher '17: Trigonometry

Anthony Monteiro '17: Integrated Mathematics

Wen Ting Zheng '18: Statistics AP

Andrea Pettinico '17: Calculus AP

Matthew Bonvicini '17: Mathematics IV Medal of Honor

Andrea Pettinico '17: Mathematics Medal of Honor


Tara Garden '20: Honors Biology

Xinlin "Melody" Cai '20: Biology CP A

Wanchen "Gilbert" Hong '20: Biology CP

Lingxiao "Alan" Cui '19: Environmental Science

Lingxiao "Alan" Cui '19: Honors Chemistry

Nicole Rohlman '18: Chemistry CP A

Falicia Menard '18: Chemistry CP

Angelina Failla '18: Physics Honors

Leandro Mongelluzo '17: Physics CP A

Anthony Monteiro '17: Advanced Explorations in Science

Caroline Carew '17: Human Anatomy & Physiology Honors

William Marshall '18: Human Anatomy & Physiology CP A

Andrea Pettinico '17: Neuroscience Honors

Leandro Mongelluzo '17: Neuroscience 1 & 2

Anthony Barbino '17: Advanced Placement Biology

Caitlin Kinsella '17: Physical Science Medal of Honor

Solomina Darko '18: Xerox Technology Award

Wen Ting Zheng '18: Bausch & Lomb Science Medal

Matthew Bonvicini '17: Science Department Service Award

Anthony Barbino '17:Biology Medal of Honor

Social Studies

Nicholas Frappier '20: Western Civilization Honors

Tara Garden '20: Western Civilization CP A

Aidan Nixon '20: Western Civilization CP

Thomas Thorpe '19: World History AP

William Greene '19: World Regional Studies Honors

Lingxiao "Alan" Cui '19: World Regional Studies CP A

Caitlin Kinsella '18: U.S. History AP

Mary-Genevieve Moisan '18: U.S. History Honors

Erin Buckley '18: U.S. History CP A

Anthony Barbino '17: Political Science Honors

William Marshall '18: Practical Law

Andrea Pettinico '17: Psychology AP

Hayley Gilmore '17: Psychology Honors

Matthew Bonvicini '17: Psychology CP A

Tess Oatley '17: American Government CP A

Isabella Parker '17: Contemporary Issues CP A

Evan Diliberto '18: Frederick Douglas/Susan B. Anthony Award

SimonCorbett '17: Social Studies Medal of Honor


Zhiqi "James" Xiao '17: Advanced Accounting

Jessica Sanchez '18: Accounting 1

Nicholas Hernandez '17: Business Law

Kyle Moser '19: Comprehensive Computer Applications

Jillian Noack '18: Personal Finance CP A

Alexandra Lombardo '18: Personal Finance CP

Richard Denardo '18: Overview of Business

Andrew Gumprecht '17: The 2016 Outstanding High School Student Accounting Award


Juliana Battaglia '17: Senior - Music Theory - AP

Jaelie Jackson '18: Piano Class

Hayley Cuttitta '17: Jazz Band

Alyssa Famiglietti '17: Girls' Jazz and Pop Choir

Jacob Gannon '18: Crosstones

Cole Foster '20: Freshmen Concert Band

Sabrina Santopietro '20: Freshmen Choir

Nathaniel Donofrio '19: Sophomore Concert Band

Zorri McCray '19: Sophomore Choir

John Vito '18: Junior Concert Band

Christina Finkenzeller '18: Junior Choir

Jonathan Barney '17: Senior Concert Band

Gillian Russo '17: Senior Choir

Alicia Westberg '17: Chamber Choir

John Tucker '19: Introduction to the Arts- Music, Drama and Musical Theatre

Vincent Packer '18: Music Theory CP

Hayley Cuttitta '17: Southern Region Chorus

Christina Finkenzeller '18: Southern Region Chorus

Nicholas Pietrorazio '19: Southern Region Chorus

Vincent Packer '18: Southern Region Concert Band

Vincent Packer '18: All State Concert Band

Hayley Cuttitta '17: All State Choir


Caitlin Kinsella '18: College of Holy Cross Book Award

Madison Smith '18: Fairfield University Book Award

CaitlinDreher '18: Harvard Book Award

Jillian Noack '18: Smith College Book Award

Meghan Mazzatto '18: LeMoyne College

Angelina Failla '18: Mount Holyoke Book Award

Solomina Darko '18: St. Michael's Book Award

Charles Spreda '18: St. Michael's Book Award

Julia Mecca '18: Stonehill College Book Award

Wen Ting Zheng '18: Yale Book Award

Wen Ting Zheng '18: Princeton Book Award

Daniel Flaherty '18: Michael's Service Award

Julia Mecca '18: Michael's Service Award

Christina Finkenzeller '18: The George Eastman Young Leaders Award

Tess Oatley '17: National Merit Letter of Commendation

Jonathan Barney '17: Fine Arts Award

Gillian Russo '17: Fine Arts Award

Antonio D'Amelio '17: Scholar Athlete Award

Andrea Pettinico '17: Scholar Athlete Award

Gabrielle Goldman '17: Sportsmanship Award

Matthew Bonvicini '17: Sportsmanship Award

Wen Ting Zheng '18: Governor's Scholar Program

Inductees into the 2017-2018 National Honors Society

Juliana Amaral, Meah Austin, Meghan Booth, Jessica Borduas, Kayla Bromley, Solomina Darko, Richard Denardo, Evan Diliberto, Caitlin Dreher, Angelina Failla, Riley Fasano, Macellan Fauth, Monica Fenwick, Christina Finkenzeller, Daniel Flaherty, Micaela Flaherty, Kiley Harnish, Shouming "Daniel" Huang, JaelieJackson, Caitlin Kinsella, Alexandra Koulouris, Sofia Lupoi, Michael Mara, William Marshall, Meghan Mazzatto, Aiden McCarthy, Kathryn McDuff, Kylee McIntosh, Julia Mecca, Michael Mencio, Mary-Genevieve Moisan, Madelynn Mowad, Jillian Noack, Vincent Packer, Grace Parenti, Adriana Perugini, Allie Peschel, Mikayla Pieksza, SeanPrice, Maia Regan, Jenna Rohlman, Nicole Rohlman, Nikki-Lee Rostedt, Jessica Sanchez, Madison Smith, Charles Spreda, Elena Tormo, John Vito, Aiyana Ward, Wen Ting Zheng & Aizlyn Zupkus