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Alex Ward '19 to Play Division II Football at Southern Connecticut State University

Congratulations to Alex Ward '19 who will play Division II Football at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), starting in the fall of 2019. "SCSU is my first choice," said Alex who plans to be a Business major. "It fits me the best academically and athletically. It is also a place where I can grow as a man."

Alex began as a football player during his freshmen year at Holy Cross. He immediately fell in love with it. It gave him a chance to be part of a team. It also served as a mental and physical outlet. During his senior year, he had 153 carries, 1276 yards rushing (8.3 yards/carry) and 18 touchdowns.

"Alex is a hard worker," said Mike Giampetruzzi '95, Vice President for Student Life and Varsity Football Coach. "He is a true program guy. He did everything for the team. He is a leader that the younger guys can look up to."

"My teammates are so supportive," said Alex. "I look up to some of them, and some of them look up to me. I always ask them for input. I grew especially close to (classmates) Matt Judson and Corey Fappiano. We had a lot of chemistry on the field together mostly because we built our relationship off the field."

Alex's Crusader ties run very deep. His siblings, Derek '08 and Aiyana '18 graduated from Holy Cross. His mother, Danytza, has been an active volunteer and supporter. His father, Derek, is legendary both at this school and other local schools for his incredible photography.

"As a father who played football, I knew it was important for Alex to make the decision on his own," said Derek. "We want the best for our children. It is all about Alex. He needs to go where he can explore and be who he is."

As Alex inches closer to the end of his senior year, he is able to look back and reflect on the lessons he learned on the fields that he can carry into other areas of his life. "I have learned two very important things from my time on the team," said Alex. "First, when you fall, you have to get back up. Second, you have to be self-motivated. Don't rely on everyone else. It's all about the hard work."

"It makes me feel good to see my kids happy at Holy Cross," said Derek. "My wife feels the same way. It is a great feeling to see these kids out on the fields.I have known a lot of these kids for a long time. It is a great feeling to come here when it feels like a family.

"Holy Cross means everything to me," said Alex. "The people have been super supportive. I have made lifelong friendships. I've been taught by incredible teachers. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world."