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An Art/Fashion Club Update from Mrs. Rosanne Shea, Faculty Advisor

The co-presidents of the Art/Fashion Club have led the club through a very active and busy year thus far in terms of club participation. Some highlights included a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Times Square in New York, two open mic/coffeehouses and appearances at other school events such as Halloween Happening and Founders Week activities. Before our trip to the city, several of our students had never been to New York City, let alone the Metropolitan Museum, and Times Square.

Mikayla Pieksza and Solomina Darko, the club's co-presidents, have organized and facilitated this year's activities with the management acumen of true leaders.They made my job easy and took care of many of the tasks involved with producing the coffeehouses and the field trip. They proved themselves worthy of their position and would get an excellent reference from me if ever needed.

It has been traditional for the Art Club to donate much of the proceeds from fundraising activities such as the Coffee House to charities. This year was no exception. Club members donated $100.00 to The Smile Train, a charitable organization that provides cleft lip and cleft palette surgeries for underprivileged children around the world. Many of these children are stigmatized in underdeveloped countries and shunned in their communities where there are beliefs associating the birth defects with the family having been "cursed", manifesting in the facial deformity.

The Heifer Project, another organization to which the club has donated this year, received $100.00 toward the purchase and distribution of livestock to underprivileged families in order to support them in creating home businesses and to lift them up economically. Chickens, rabbits, ducks, honey bees and sheep are some of the animals that may be given to a family to help them kick start a business and break the cycle of poverty in which they find themselves.

One of the last Art/ Fashion club activities of this school year will be a photography contest within the student body with the theme, "Green". Students will be invited to submit photos for a small fee with the possibility of winning a prize for the best three photos.Winning entries will be chosen by three judges from the faculty and proceeds will go to a local animal shelter.