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Becoming a Holy Cross High School Student Leader

Student leaders from President Council, Athletic Council and Student Council gathered together for a day-long conference. This day, which has been a Crusader staple for 15+ years, helps to develop leadership skills and to examine what it means to be a leader at Holy Cross.

"There is an added responsibility when you represent Holy Cross High School," said Megan Dwyer '05, Director of Student Experience. "Our student leaders fully commit themselves as they carry out our legacy and plan for the future."

The conference is divided into three sections. First, students participate in ice breaker and team building activities that focus on key characteristics of good leadership such as communication, collaboration and creativity. In the section, students apply what they learned in the first section as they reflect on how individually and collectively, they will leave their legacy. They spend the remainder of the conference planning for upcoming events and brainstorming new ones.

"We all have the same goals," said Jenna Mowad '20 who serves on Athletic Council. "We want to get more people involved, spread the word about what Holy Cross is and engage the underclassmen. It is important for us to put our faces out there so that students will recognize us. We want them to feel more comfortable talking to us and asking us for help."

"The kids were so good this year," said Ms. Dwyer. "There was a really positive vibe and great spirit throughout the day. Everyone is very enthusiastic about the upcoming year."

Students who attended the conference included:

Class of 2020
Jack Boushie, Alex Burrows, Carina Cornacchia, Luciano D'Amelio, William D'Avino, Randall Desaulniers, Elizabeth Diorio, Reece Geddes, John Greene, Christina Failla, Jason Lin, Jenna Mowad, Julia Petrokaitis, Thomas Pompei Jr., Cameron Rivers, Sabrina Santopietro, Jack Villano & Christopher Wihbey

Class of 2021
Michael Dane, Jenna DeBiase, Jaiden Epps, Alyssa French-Graham, Gennaro Genua, Alyssa Hebb, Joshua Lee, Armani Mayes, Sydney McIntosh, Cassidy McNeil, Matthew Minutillo, Delia Murphy, Folade Olusanya, Victoria Rosales, Alyssa Sarracco, William Tucker, Andrew White, Brayden Wihbey & Cassidy Williams

Class of 2022
Matthew Barrett, Lyvia Bartoli, Matthew Berthel, Alyssa Colangelo, Benjamin Mason & Mahkai Wilson