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Twenty-One Professionals Participate in Career Exploration Day

Twenty-one professionals from a variety of disciplines visited Holy Cross High School for Career Exploration Days. They were on hand to speak to the students about their career trajectories and to give advice to those interested in pursuing similar fields. Many of the guests were alumni, parents and friends of Holy Cross.

"We look for as many opportunities as possible to connect our students with the rest of our Crusader community," said Catherine Xeller, Director of Guidance. "At this event, all of our current students were able to speak with top notch professionals in their respective professions. It was an amazing and informative afternoon for our entire student body."

Guest visitors included: Phil Mongelluzzo (MD), Carole Cole & Kathy Gannon (Physical Therapists), Jeffrey Fryer (Accountant), Mike Mason (Accountant - Special Olympics), Andrew Maloney (Consultant), Jane Porter Gigasky (Pharmaceuticals), Keith Sullivan (CPA), Bill Stevens (Attorney), Filomina Hulstruck(CFO), Deanna Riggi(Digital Marketing Management), Christopher Riggi (Special Agent with IRS), Peter Morgan (Cyber Bullying), Louisa Printz (Safe Haven), Allegra Itsoga (NGO-Woman's Rights/Issues), Jaime Arute(Law Enforcement), Jonathan DeRose (Education), Christopher Poulis (Education), Erik Parks & Brandon Dufour (Business), Nikki Maletta (Nursing), Mark Perron (Production) and Edward DaPonte (Retired Police/Criminal Justice).

Many students were enlightened and educated through this day. Madison Smith '18 walked away with some career advice. "I want to be an accountant," she said. "I spoke with Mr. Fryer, and he told me which schools had the best accounting programs. It was definitely an eye opening experience."

"I spoke with two men who trained cops in self-defense.," said Will Marshall '18. "That was my favorite session. These men offered classes for civilians to protect themselves against home invasions and other attacks. They gave examples of how to disarm their attackers."

"Law enforcement was different than I thought it would be," said Joe Bonvicini '19. "I always thought it was mostly about the things you read about or see in the news. I was told that seeing arrests with handcuffs or shootings were rare occurrences. Many in law enforcement deal with day to day things like traffic issues."