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Celebrating Academic Excellence at Honors Convocation

The Holy Cross High School Administration and Faculty honored students for academic excellence displayed during the 2017-2018 school year at the annual Honors Convocation. Led by Director of Guidance Catherine Xeller, teachers proudly acknowledged the achievements of each student to an enthusiastic audience of parents, friends and family members.

Following the distribution of awards, faculty member and National Honor Society Moderator Caroline Flaminio '79 led the induction of the 2018 Oronoque Chapter of the National Honor Society. Keynote speaker and special guest, Brigadier General John Lawlor, Jr. '83 was inducted as an honorary member.

Below is a listing of awards given during the celebration.


Introduction to Scripture: Vesa Prevalla

Christian Morality: Michael Famigletti

Catholic Social Teacher/Church History: Ja'Lin Waters

Peer Ministry: Charles Spreda

World Religions: Solomina Darko

World Religions: Jessica Sanchez

Sacraments: Aiden McCarthy

Theology Medal of Honor: Allie Peschel, Richard Denardo

World Religions: Solomina Darko


English 9 Honors: Robert Anchini

English 9 CPA: Victoria Rosales

English 9 CP: Janae Abraham-Lawrence

English Skills: Tyler Ciavarella

English 10 Honors: Omofolade Olusanya

English 10 CP: Xiang Yin

English 11 Honors: Marie Allysa Cayabyab

English 11 CP: Alan Cui

AP Language and Composition: Marie Allysa Cayabyab

AP English: Caitlin Kinsella

English 12 Honors: Jillian Noack

English 12 CP: Macellan Fauth

Creative Writing: Diana Lower, Macellan Fauth

Effective Writing: Aaron Selenica

Effective Writing II: Carley DeFoe

Journalism: Madelin Leo

English Medal of Honor: Wen Ting Zheng


Biology Honors: Robert Anchini

Biology CPA: Matthew Keating

Biology CP: Tyler Ciavarella

Honors Chemistry: Lingye Zhu

Chemistry CPA: Benson Chen

Chemistry CP: Nyomie Butler

Physics Honors: William Greene

Physics CPA: Nicole Rohlman

Advanced Explorations in Science: Michael Mencio

Human Anatomy and Physiology Honors: Caitlin Kinsella

Human Anatomy and Physiology CPA: Erin Goggin

Neuroscience Honors: Natasha Angel

Neuroscience I+II: Macellan Fauth

AP Biology: Angelina Failla

Physical Science Medal of Honor: Alan Cui

Biology Medal of Honor: Wen Ting Zheng

The Bausch & Lamb Science Medal: Marie Allysa Cayabyab

The Science Department Service Award: William Marshall

World Language

Italian I: Christina Failla

Italian II: Michael Famigletti

Italian III: Zachary Lerner

Italian IV: Christina Finkenzeller

Spanish I CP: Robert Anchini

Spanish II Honors: Vesa Prevalla

Spanish II CP: Lingxiao Cui

Conversation Spanish II: Kevon Killian

Spanish 3 Honors: Jenny Lin

Spanish 3 CP: Camille Perron

Conversation Spanish III: Michael Stenman

Spanish 4 CP: Galvin Brayton

Advanced Spanish: Elise Pelletier

AP Early College Experience Spanish: Julia Dzinski

French 3: Mary Gillette

French 4: Benjamin Bowler

French Medal of Honor: Shouming Huang

Italian Medal of Honor: Christina Finkenzeller

Spanish Medal of Honor: Julia Mecca


World History I Honors: Robert Anchini

World History I CPA: Sydney McIntosh

World History I CP: Natalia Guichardo

World History II AP: Tara Garden

World History II Honors: Anthony Ursini

World History II CPA: Alexander Burrows

US History AP: William Greene

US History Honors: Lauren Raad

US History CPA: Jake Zinno

Political Science: Caitlin Kinsella

Practical Law: Charles Spreda

Practical Law: Jessica Sanchez

AP Psychology: Caitlin Kinsella

Psychology Honors: Ethan Giroux

Psychology CPA: Alexandra Lombardo

American Government: Elena Tormo

Contemporary Issues: Michael Mara

AP European History: Caitlin Kinsella

Social Studies Medal of Honor: Caitlin Kinsella

World History I Honors: Robert Anchini

World History II CP A: Alex Burrows

Practical Law: Charlie Spreda

American Government CP A: Elena Tormo

Advanced Accounting: Jessica Sanchez

Accounting I: Nathaniel Donofrio

Business Law: Dermot Greene

Overview of Business: Jillian Noack

Comprehensive Computer Applications: Ahemd Elgendy

Personal FinanceCPA: Julia Dzinski, Dante Malaspina

Personal Finance CP: John Goggin

Advanced Personal Finance: Macellan Fauth

Accounting I: NathanielDonofrio

The 2018 Outstanding High School Student Accounting Award: Jessica Sanchez


Algebra I Honors: Robert Anchini

Algebra I CPA: Sean Moran, Cara Melchionne

Algebra I CP: Tatanya Bailey

Geometry Honors: Victor Yin

Geometry CPA: Jenna Mowad

Geometry CP: William D'Avino

Algebra II Honors: Victor Yin

Advanced Algebra II: Nicholas Pietrorazio

Algebra II CPA: Sara Razza

Algebra II CP: Andre Stevenson

Pre Calculus Honors: Alan Cui

Pre Calculus CPA: Nicole Rohlman

Statistics: Madison Smith

Trigonometry: Jacob Gannon

Integrated Topics in Math: Natalie Silva

AP Statistics: Alan Cui

AP Calculus: Wen Ting Zheng

Mathematics IV Medal of Honor: Caitlin Kinsella

Mathematics Medal of Honor: Wen Ting Zheng


Studio Art: Bryanna Hooker, Victoria Rosales, Vesa Prevalla, Delia Murphy

Drawing and Design: Nathan Erdtman

Painting: Julia Flynn, Natasha Angel

Painting II: Angelina Failla

Sculpture: Carley DeFoe

AP Studio Art: Allie Peschel

Introduction to the Arts: Cameron Rivers


AP Music Theory: Vincent Packer

Beginner Piano: Raquel Rosa

Advanced Piano: Micaela Flaherty

Jazz Band: John Vito

Girl's Jazz and Pop Choir: Jaelie Jackson

Crosstones: Brandon White

Freshmen Concert Band: JoshueLee

Freshmen Choir: Christina Failla

Sophomore Concert Band: Christopher Wihbey

Sophomore Choir: William D'Avino

Junior Choir: Meghan Diorio

Senior Choir: Charles Spreda

Senior Concert Band: Aiden McCarthy

Chamber Choir: Jacob Gannon

Composition: John Vito

Physical Education

PE Freshman Boy: Diego Flores

PE Freshman Girl: Christina Failla

PE Sophomore Boy: Marcus Racevicius

PE Sophomore Girl: Cameron Rivers

Health Freshmen Boy: Alec Zappone

Health Freshmen Girl: Vesa Prevalla

Health Sophomore Boy: Ethan Silva

Health Sophomore Girl: Omofolade Olusanya

PE Sophomore Girl: Cameron Rivers

Outstanding High School Physical Education: Richard Denardo, Ja'Lin Waters


CIAC/CAS Fine Arts Award: Christina Finkenzeller, Allie Peschel

CIAC/CAS Scholar Athelete Award: Daniel Flaherty, Madison Smith

Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology: Lin (Snow) Xu

The Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award: William Greene

College of the Holy Cross Book Award: Marie Allysa Cayabyab

Fairfield University Book Award: Elise Pelletier

Harvard College Book Award: William Greene

Smith College Book Award: Annie Kinsella

Lemoyne College Book Award: Thomas Thorpe

St. Michael's Book Award: Nathaniel Donofrio, Fiona Xhafi

Yale University Book Award: Natasha Angel

Gettysburg College Book Award: Vincent Graziano

The Stonehill Book Award: Kyle Moser

The Princeton Book Award: William Greene

Michael's Service Award: Kyle Moser

Michael's Service Award: Marie Allysa Cayabyab

The George Eastman: Ja'Lin Waters

National Merit Scholarship Program: Wen Ting Zheng

Governor's Scholar Program: William Greene

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference: Julia Mecca, Michael Mara

Oronoque Chapter of the National Honor Society 2018 Inductees

Natasha Angel, Kayla Beauvais, Domenic Bernard, Benjamin Bowler, Olivia Burns, Marie Allysa Cayabyab, Kristina Chartier, Daniel (Yuxuan) Chen, Gabrielle Cherubino, Alan (Lingxiao) Cui, Emma D'Ambruoso, Carley DeFoe, Meghan Diorio, Nathaniel Donofrio, Mitchell Duyck, Julia Dzinski, McKenna Ellsworth, Miguel Esteves, Julia Flynn, Mary Gillette, Vincent Graziano, William Greene III, Jeremy Hamel, Julia Joyce, Annie Kinsella, Zachary Lerner, Jenny Lin, Rebecca (Ziyuan) Liu, Nicole Madrid, Dante Malaspina, Samuel Mason, Molly Montville, Kyle Moser, Morgan Murray, Valerie Nobrega, Elise Pelletier, Camille Perron, Nicholas Pietrorazio, Sommer Prime, Lauren Raad, Jordan Richard, Jack Schiavone, Thomas Thorpe, John Tucker, Claire (Ruotong) Wang, Ja'Lin Waters, Fiona Xhafi, Snow (Lin) Xu, Kingsten Zenick, Zekai Zhang, Angel (Ange) Zhao, Peter (Lingye) Zhu & Timothy Zupkus