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Commencement 2018

Holy Cross High School's 47th Annual Commencement Exercises were held on Sunday, June 3, 2018. Diplomas and special awards were distributed to the Class of 2018. Heartfelt speeches and parting words were shared by Board members, administrators and students.

Vice President for Student Life Michael Giampetruzzi '95 began the ceremony with a moment of silence for beloved faculty member and former President Margaret Leger, who passed away in early May. He shared a quote that Mrs. Leger delivered at the 2017 Holy Cross Graduation where she described the special uniqueness of the Crusader community. "We are a community of faith. We are teachers and students together, experiencing prayer and fellowship, where we grow in our commitment to God, one another, the church and the local community."

"This is a momentous occasion," said Amadeo Rinaldi, Interim President to the graduating class. "You have reached an important milestone. You have completed one stage in your education and now you are ready to move on to the next one. As you leave Holy Cross, look forward to the future with courage and determination. It is another opportunity to further broaden your horizons, make new friends and meet new challenges."

"I'm sure it seems like yesterday that you were taking the Entrance Exams or walking into school here on your first day of class," said Board President Jeffrey M. Fryer '87. "Look where you have come. It is amazing...Each of you has had an amazing journey and your experiences at Holy Cross have helped shape you into the young men and women that you have become. We are so proud of everything you have accomplished. We can't wait to see what you will achieve in the years to come."

Caitlin Deher '18 delivered an emotional Commencement Address centering on her personal struggles and how she eventually overcame those challenges. She encouraged her fellow students to follow their paths and expect the unexpected. "The most important thing I can leave you with today is to enjoy what is and not worry about what may occur sometime later on in life. Be at peace with the unknown and relish in the now."

Several students were honored during the ceremony including:

  • Wen Ting Zheng '18 and Caitlin Kinsella '18 received the Valedictorian and Salutatorian Award for maintaining the highest and second-highest grade point average, respectively.
  • Jillian Noack '18 was the recipient of The Sister Margaret Bannon, CND Service Award, presented annually to the senior girl who has demonstrated outstanding service to the school community.
  • William Guglielmo '18 was the recipient of The Holy Cross Fathers' Club Award, given each year to the senior boy who has demonstrated the most service to the school community.
  • Wyatt Brennan '18 was the recipient of The Holy Cross Mothers' Club Award, presented annually to the senior boy who has demonstrated the most academic improvement from freshman to senior year.
  • Falicia Menard '18 was the recipient of The Monsignor Henry E. Flanagan Award, presented each year to the female student who has improved the most academically from freshman to senior year.

The graduates of the Class of 2018 include: Justin Neo Alamo, Juliana Luisa Amaral, Marckens Auguste, Marckenslee Auguste, Meah Simone Austin, Richard J. Blanco, Meghan Alexandra Booth, Jessica Nicole Borduas, Wyatt J. Brennan, Kayla Elizabeth Bromley , Erin Elizabeth Buckley, Juliana Rose Casalino, Christopher Matthew Ciampi, Cameron J. Cooney, Solomina Mankosah Darko, Sydney Jane DelPriore, Richard Steven Denardo III, Michel Anthony Desaulniers, Evan Julian Diliberto, Manny Michael Diorio, Jr., Caitlin Ann Dreher, Devan L. Eason, Kerson Etienne, Angelina Failla, Riley Adair Fasano, Macellan Francis Fauth, Alfons Fecanji, Monica Ann Fenwick, Christina Lee Finkenzeller, Daniel Patrick Flaherty, Micaela Marie Flaherty, Christopher M. Fryer, Jacob M. Gannon, Robert Joseph Gary II, Joseph Alan Genua, Jr., Ethan W. Giroux, Erin Siobhan Goggin, Marcellus X. Gomes, Dermott Richard Greene, Gregory Gruenwald, William John Guglielmo, Josephine Lourdes Guerrier, MelissaMorgan Hallas, Kiley Patricia Harnish, Grayson K. Henderson, Clifton Wiley Hodak, Shouming Huang, Amy Victoria Izzo, Jaelie Elizabeth Jackson, Faizan Khan, Kevon Killian, Caitlin Rose Kinsella, Alexandra Marie Koulouris, Madeline Olivia Leo, Pan Li, Yitong Liu, Alexandra Morgan Lombardo, Chongrui Rhea Luo, Sofia Rosa Lupoi, Brendan O'Donnell Lynch, Michael Allen Mara, William Gregory Marshall, Meghan Ann Mazzatto, Aiden Chance McCarthy, Kathryn Elizabeth McDuff, Dylan Patrick McGovern, Kylee M. McIntosh, Julia Margaret Mecca, Falicia Marie Menard, Michael John Mencio, Yufei Karissa Meng, Mary-Genevieve Moisan, Madelynn Theresa Mowad, Albert Alexis Nieves, Jr., Jillian Frances Noack, Alyssa Marie Nobrega, Vincent Nesteruk Packer, Grace Elizabeth Parenti, Michael Patrick Raymond Perkins, Adriana Rose Perugini, Allie Elizabeth Peschel, Francis Phelan, Mikayla Frances-Georgia Pieksza, Sean Michael Price, Malcolm Lee Purefoy, Nicholas Marc Quicquaro, Lucas John Racevicius, Maia Regan, Jenna Lee Rohlman, Nicole Elizabeth Rohlman, Nikki-Lee Lang Rostedt, Nyzair T. Rountree, Zyair Rountree, Jessica Lizbeth Sanchez-Arias, Dillon Joseph Sanzari, Natalie Vilarinho Silva, Madison Paige Smith, Jessica Erin Solnik, Charles Henry Spreda, Michael Stenman, Nicole Joan Strielkauskas, Elena Josefa Tormo, John Marshall Vito, Taylor Morgan Wade, Deandre Wallace, Aiyana Cheyenne Ward, Brandon White, Raquel Alexis Williamson, Wenxuan Yan, Wen Ting Zheng and Aizlyn Jiang Yuan Zupkus