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Final Exam Schedule Available for Download

Please download the Final Exam Schedule here.

Students should begin to prepare for the semester examinations well in advance of their scheduled time. Since the exams are major tests which are worth 20% of the semester averages, it is important that students adequately prepare for them. The examinations may contain subject matter which was covered since the beginning of the school year.Most students are not able to perform well on these tests if they begin to prepare for them only the week before they are administered.

If a student has two exams scheduled during the same period, he or she must report to Mrs. Rodriguez, Vice President for Academics, in the Main Office, to have the conflict resolved.It is advised that students see Mrs. Rodriguez the week before the examinations.The student will be assigned to take one of the exams at a later time. If a student has three exams on one day, he/she may report it as a conflict and have one of the exams rescheduled, or he/she may leave the schedule as it is.

If a student must miss an exam because of illness, he or she is to have his/her parents call the school and report the illness as would be done on a regular school day. A written note from the parent explaining the reason for the absence must be turned in by the student when he or she returns to school. The student will be expected to make-up the exam(s) at the earliest possible date (for most students this would mean the first day back).

Students will be informed when a more detailed exam schedule is published.Students must check to be sure that they report to their examinations during the day and period that it is scheduled. There may be serious consequences for a student who misses an examination without a valid excuse, including the possibility of receiving a zero for the exam.

Students report to school only on days and times during which they have an exam. However, once in the school building, students may not leave until all the scheduled examinations are taken.Students will not be allowed in the corridors or at lockers during an exam period. The only time when students may go to lockers is between exam periods.

The Gym will be open during Periods I and II for students who enter the building during the middle of an exam period. It is not a quiet area.The Cafeteria will also be open Period I and II; however, it is a study area and will be kept quiet during the exam periods.

During semester examination days, the buses arrive at the school for pick-up at 12:00 P.M.There is no busing on the examination make-up day.