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Halloween Happening Event Brings Over 1000 Guests to Campus

Over 1000 guests who included local children and their families visited Holy Cross High School for the 16th Annual Halloween Happening. This yearly event gives young kids a fun, safe place to go trick or treating. This year, more than 40% of the Holy Cross student body decorated rooms, donated and distributed candy, and provided guests with a positive, memorable experience.

Halloween Happening started out in 2002 as a modest event with lots of heart and spirit. Over the years it has developed into a beloved and well known Holy Cross tradition. It has also gained popularity among local public and parochial elementary schools.

"With my first time experience of Halloween Happening, I was astonished with the level of community engagement and focus on nourishing our collective spirits," said President Paul G. Geise. "From the youngsters to the teens to the adults involved, the entire campus was brimming with clever creations and saintly service to others."

"Our students look forward to this event every year," said Megan Dwyer '05, Director of Student Activities. "As time has gone on and our crowds have increased, the kids have more pride with this day. They see, first-hand, how much they are giving back to the local community."

Meghan Diorio '19 has memories of Halloween Happening that take her back to before she was a Holy Cross student. "My father worked her many years ago. He used to take us to this event when I was really young," she said. "I remember walking through each decorated classroom, getting some candy and feeling really happy.It is a great full circle moment for me to give these great memories to other kids. It is so rewarding."

Each year, student clubs and athletic teams decorate a classroom and dress up in costumes that fit the theme. This year, rooms were themed to Disney, superheroes, aliens, Candy Land, football, Greek Gods & Goddesses and aliens, among many others. The students put a lot of time and thought into all of the details.

"We want to give our visitors the Halloween that they deserve," said Kyle Moser '19. "It's so rewarding to see the expressions on their faces."

"I am so impressed by the number of Holy Cross students that were involved in Halloween Happening!" said Terri Ann Parks, Director of Admissions. "Not only does this event give back to our local community, but it showcases how committed our students are to community service, how creative they are, and how much they love being part of this tradition. They go above and beyond with their costumes, decorations and donations of candy to insure that this is a memorable experience for all of the trick or treaters and families that visit us."

Student Body President Allysa Caybyab '19 has participated in every Halloween Happening since she arrived as a freshman. She loves to watch the young kids show off their costumes. "They are so cute," she said. "We love having them here. We are very fortunate to have the means to do this for our community. All of us who work on Halloween Happening do it because we want to."

"Our daughter, Alyssa '22, is really excited about programs like this where she can give back and help the younger children," said current parent and Holy Cross Fathers' Club member, Bryan Colangelo. "It is nice, as a parent, to see programs like this and allow our daughter to be a caring member of the community."