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Holy Cross Partners with St. Mary's Hospital for Jane Doe No More

For the second year in a row, Holy Cross High School joined forces with St. Mary's Hospital to present the Jane Doe No More Program. This self-defense program is designed to give women and girls a fighting chance in the face of attack. The program consisted of an academic component, physical training and skills practice. The women learned awareness tips, escape strategies and kick, strike and blow techniques designed to disable assailants and enable escape.

Mothers and daughters from the Holy Cross community participated in this very important event. "This is an excellent program for all women, especially those going off to college," said Gayle Hill, a current parent and one of the three Presidents of the Mothers' Club. "The stories and lessons shared through this program show us how persistence and faith can turn a bad situation around."

"We are thankful to St. Mary's Hospital for partnering with us on this worthwhile endeavor," said Cary Fappiano '85, Vice President for Advancement. "Having participated in the program, I know the value of the information shared and feel every woman should have access to it."