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Holy Cross's Stance Against Racism and Discrimination

Over the past 24 hours, our school community was made aware of videos containing racist terminology that were posted on social media this week and attributed to a member of our school community.

Let me begin with this. Racist words and actions have no place at Holy Cross. Our policies expressly prohibit discrimination, harassment, intimidation or violence in any form whether it be for one's race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or national/ethnic origin. Violations of our policies are promptly investigated and dealt with in accordance with our procedures. That will be the case here.

Holy Cross is not immune to - nor should we be immune to - the realities of the world around us. The issues that our nation now grapples with are ones we have to grapple with too. And we will do so.

I want to acknowledge that people in our community were hurt. I regret and am sorry that this happened. Holy Cross is an educational institution grounded in the Catholic faith. We are guided by a Mission statement that, among other things, makes clear that our "school's purpose is to foster the development of conscience and a sense of responsibility in each member of the school community."

Our values are only as strong as the way in which we live them. Each of us. Holy Cross has shown time and again an amazing capacity to learn, to grow and to realize its mission to be a community that manifests its love and concern for all. The weight of these times is met by a commitment I make for myself and on behalf of our community- To be a people with hope to bring.

Dr. Thomas C. Pellegrino