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Hope Calls: A Message from the Leadership of Holy Cross High School

We are in a moment in time like no other. Earlier this year, our lives were presented with a health crisis. Now, most recently, we face a crisis of injustice. We went from a world sheltered behind closed doors to a world where violence, prejudice, desperation and destruction spills out into our streets.

It is natural that these events should leave us feeling isolated, scared, angry and unsure of the road ahead. But these events do something else. Whether it is a whisper in the ear or a loud proclamation to the heart, these events remind us that Holy Cross is a community of hope. We are a people with hope to bring to others, even in the midst of life's crosses.

Hope calls us all. It is not easy to answer the call, though. Speaking as teachers and educators, we desperately wish to be with our students, particularly at this time. Our schools, and the mission we serve, begs for us to be together, to talk through what is happening. To learn from each other. Physically, of course, we are apart. But we are absolutely together in the bond we share as Crusaders, as human beings bound by a mission to care for, act of concern for, and love each other.

Prejudice, racism, and inequality have shown themselves immune to the virus. However, they are not immune to, and will be conquered by hope. Hope for Holy Cross is not some vague notion. It does not ignore reality. Rather, hope is what drives a new and better reality. It is manifested in our voices, our prayers, our thoughtful actions. Hope comes alive in us as a learning community, one committed to seeking more just systems, advocating for human rights, civil discourse, and a ceaseless remembrance that we are all loved as God's children. Hope compels us to know the challenges we face, but moreso, to recognize the inequalities even within our own community. We are mindful of the direct and wrenching impact the recent acts of violence and injustice have had on our students of color. Our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau was clear in committing our schools to social justice and a mandate to serve those harmed by failures of justice. Hope calls us specifically to their needs. They become the needs of our family..

Hope lives in words and prayers. Our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau reminds us that hope - particularly where social justice is concerned - lives in action. In the coming days and weeks, the Leadership Team of Holy Cross High School along with our faculty will be engaged in a process of reflection, collective discussion as well as self-examination on ways Holy Cross High School can best live out its mission as a community of hope. This journey we embark on will be done together. In our conversations with each other, our meetings, our classes, and our prayers, our call to hope will be alive and present. As stated in the Holy Cross Constitutions:

As disciples of Jesus, we stand side by side with all people. Like them we are burdened by the same struggles and beset by the same weaknesses; like them we are made new by the same Lord's love; like them we hope for a world where justice and love prevail."

In this moment, as you read this, the most important message of hope we can give you is this: We are here for you and we are together. Contact us at any time for any need you may have.

We have hope to bring. We are Holy Cross.

In Hope (Spes)

The Leadership Team of Holy Cross High School