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Madison Bushka '19 to Play Division I Soccer at Sacred Heart University

Congratulations to Madison Bushka '19 who will play Division I Soccer at Sacred Heart University, starting in the fall of 2019.

Madison, who began playing soccer at five years old, was named All-NVL and All-State and participated on the Holy Cross High School Girls' Varsity Soccer team during her four years at the school. "When I am on the field, I think of nothing else but the game," said Madison. "I forget about everything else."

In addition, Madison is involved with the Premiere Team through the Connecticut Football Club. This club team pulls together some of the best athletes from all over Connecticut and parts of New York. Her involvement on that team and the Holy Cross team taught her the importance of diligence, competitiveness and sportsmanship.

"Soccer has helped me develop my personality," said Madison. "When I play, I find out more about who I am. For me, it is all about working hard. It is as easy as that. If you work hard, it will come to you."

Diligence permeates all aspects of Madison's life, most especially in her academics. She currently takes six classes which include Anatomy & Physiology, English Honors, Accounting and Practical Law. The lessons of working hard informed her approach to her demanding course load.

For Madison, the Holy Cross High School experience is a family affair. Both of her parents, Ed and Tamara are graduates of 1989. Her sisters, Paydon and Devon, are in the 10th and 9th grade, respectively.

"We are really happy for her and we are thrilled she isn't going too far from home," said Tamara Bushka '89. "Soccer has given her a lot of structure. It has been good for her, mentally and physically."

"My parents love watching me play," said Madison. "They literally came to every game. My younger sister, Devon, is on the team this year. It was nice to play with her. She has really stepped it up."

Holy Cross High School carries a long history for the Bushka family. Ed and Tamara met at Holy Cross and married after college. "My sisters, and nephews also went here," said Tamara. "My friends are all from Holy Cross. We have made lasting friendships here. It is really special that all three of my daughters are there at the same time. They are comfortable at Holy Cross and know many of the faculty. My husband and I grew up with so many of them including Mike Phelan '89, Cary Razza Fappiano '85 and Frank Lombardo '85. We went to school to them. It's nice to know that our daughters are being looked after by our lifelong friends."