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Meet Our Freshmen Class Officers

The Freshmen Class Officers were recently announced for the 2018-2019 school year:

  • President: Matthew Berthel '22
  • Vice-President: Ma'hkai Wilson '22
  • Secretary: Lyvia Bartoli '22
  • Co-Treasurers: Matthew Barrett '22 and Alyssa Colangelo '22

These emerging student-leaders from the Class of 2022 addressed their class prior to officer elections. Each stated their case and articulated why they should be elected. Below are some excerpts from their presentations.

Matthew Berthel '22 (President)
"The reason why I want to be a class officer this year is because I like to help people, and I believe through Student Council I could do this very well... When I am siting in meetings I will not say "I want." I will say "we want" or "they want." In my opinion, it is crucial that every single one of your ideas should be represented on the student council, and electing me will assure that. To wrap up my speech. I would like to reiterate that I am, responsible, respectful, and experienced, and that I will incorporate as many of your ideas as possible into student council this year."

Ma'hkai Wilson '22 (Vice-President)
"When I walk in the doors of Holy Cross every day, I feel like I am getting welcomed to a big family. I also feel academic-wise I am getting the best education possible. This is why I would feel honored to be a class officer for the freshman class."

Lyvia Bartoli '22 (Secretary)
"Student Council is important to me because I want to make sure that everyone's high school experience is even better than they imagined it to be. We all came to Holy Cross with our own experiences, goals and a desire to take a step towards our futures- much like a team. No one here is alone and we should all be supporting each other. The actions we take as a team will affect every one of us.So let's work through our issues together,and let's make meaningful memories together."

Matthew Barrett '22 (Co-Treasurer)
"I enjoy being involved with my classmates and friends whether it be planning events or seeking out ways to help others in our community and beyond. I believe that the Class of 2022 will be a class that will be remembered for working together to make Holy Cross better than ever. Together we can accomplish many things."

Alyssa Colangelo '22 (Co-Treasurer)
"I have always been interested in running for a class officer position. It was one of the many things I was excited for when starting high school. With my commitment and passion, I believe I can bring new ideas to Holy Cross and our freshman class... I want our class to be the best freshman class of Holy Cross. By doing that we need to be a family and have each other's back. I want everyone to achieve academically while having fun! Let's make sure we have the best years of our lives."