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Meet Randall Desaulniers '20, Student Body President for the 2019-2020 School Year

Holy Cross's incoming Student Body President Randall Desaulniers '20 credits current Student Body President Allysa Caybyab '19 for being the influence in his pursuit of this coveted Student Government leadership position.

"Allysa really stepped it up over the past year," said Randy. "She did a lot of things both in and out of school. Her leadership skills grew and developed throughout the year. She participated in many school activities, particularly our Founders Week. After watching her, I felt like that was something I could do."

Elections for Student Body President were held during Student Council Meetings. A number of students ran for the position. They were required to deliver speeches that stated why they would be the ideal candidate. The council voted, and Randy emerged as the winner.

Randy was born and raised in Wolcott, Connecticut. Holy Cross High School has always been a huge part of his family. His father, sister, aunt and uncles are alumni. His brother, David is currently a senior. Growing up, he heard stories from his father about his time as a wrestler. His Uncle Dale served on Student Council and was the Senior Class President.

Randy has been active in Student Government at Holy Cross since his sophomore year. He started as a Class Committee member and became the President of his junior class. As Class President, he participated in the planning of many school events including Founders' Week and Teachers Appreciation Week.

Several faculty members and peers have guided Randy to where he is today. He credits former history teacher, Will Peter and current English teacher, Andrew Shea '06 for helping him with study habits and for engaging him in the classroom. He has applied many of the lessons from the classroom into his leadership skills. He was also inspired and motivated by fellow classmate, Thomas Pompei '20. "Tom is great," said Randy. "We have a healthy competition with each other. We always strive to get better at what we do."

He is also a three sport athlete, participating on the swimming, soccer and track & field teams. He is currently the Captain of the latter. "We work really hard in the off season," he said. "Everyone on the team depends on each other to be better. We rely on each other to reach a common goal. Through my athletic experiences, I have learned how to work and collaborate with others."

As Student Body President, Randy will play a role in the implementation of the Community Period, which will launch next year. This period will be part of Holy Cross's revamped daily schedule. During this time, students will have an opportunity to join extra-curricular clubs, organizations and initiatives and engage further with their peers and teachers.

"I am looking forward to incorporating the student clubs into the Community Period," said Randy. "We have so many different clubs. There will be something for everyone."

More than anything, Randy will be an advocate for his fellow students and will share their ideas to the student government and school leadership. "I want to bring more power to the students. Everyone has different perspectives, so I want to make sure people are heard and their views are shared."