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Nicole Madrid '19 to Participate in UCONN's High School Student Research Apprentice Program for Dentistry

This summer, Nicole Madrid '19 will participate in the High School Student Research Apprentice Program, sponsored by the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. This six-program provides students with research experience in one of the basic sciences or clinical laboratories. Nicole will participate in the Dental Program.

"I am very excited for this," said Nicole. "Since this is a research lab program, everything will be very hand's on. I will work on a lot of experiments. Through this program, I want to see if I prefer the research side of dentistry or the hands-on side where I work directly with people."

Nicole recently finished UCONN's Mini Clinic Program. She sat through lectures from doctors and dentists of all specialties. Great advice was passed down. "They told us how to focus on our studies, what to follow and how to get into dental programs," she said.

From an early age, Nicole knew she wanted to be an orthodontist. Her interest in science and math blossomed in the eighth grade. She learned many lessons in chemistry and biology that could be applied to her future profession. "My mentor told me that dentistry has a lot to do with chemistry. It helps to know the chemical make-up on what you can use and base that on your patient's history. Also, biology helps with identifying certain diseases that a dentist can see in someone's teeth."

Nicole has already started looking at colleges including UCONN, Quinnipiac and Sacred Heart. However, she is still early on in the search process. She plans to major in BioMedical Sciences.