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Sophomores Become Trained in CPR

Holy Cross High School sophomores have spent the past few weeks learning CPR in their Health classes. These classes are also open to juniors and seniors who want to renew their certification.

CPR certification at Holy Cross began almost fourteen years ago. "Doctors at Saint Mary's Hospital received a grant from the American Heart Association to teach CPR in Waterbury schools," said Caroline Flaminio '79, Department Chair for Health and Physical Education. "The American Heart Association as well as Waterbury Hospital and Waterbury Medical Center provided the money to fund this. We received twelve adult mannequins, twelve baby mannequins and other supplies with this grant. We continue to use these with our CPR certification classes."

"We certify in adult, child and infant CPR," said faculty member, Matt Smolley '05. "We focus on adult and infant choking. We usually take six to eight classes for this. Each technique is a little different. There is a lot of repetition in these classes. We want them to truly understand the concept of each."

Some students already have experience with CPR. Some are trained through the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Every student is required to learn CPR, but not everyone gets certified.

"This certification transfers to most jobs except for lifeguarding. More is required for that," said faculty member, Aimee McKirryher '94. "Even if they don't become certified, this helps them out if they are home and with their families. They have the situational awareness and know about compression and breathing techniques."