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Student Class Officers Announced

Student Class Officers were announced after weeks of campaigning and presentations to the school community. We want to thank everyone who ran and all who voted. The ballots have been checked, and the results are in.

Freshmen Class Officers:

  • President: Nick Nelson
  • Vice-President: Layla Pompei
  • Secretary: Mirella DeLong
  • Treasurer: CC Bunlue
  • Class Representative: Liana Ash

Sophomore Class Officers:

  • President: Joshua Holland
  • Vice-President: Ella Mancini
  • Secretary: David Eaton
  • Treasurer: Gianna Petrokaitis
  • Class Representative: Aubrey Moity

Junior Class Officers

  • President: Matthew Berthel
  • Vice-President: Makhai Wilson
  • Secretary: Alyssa Colangelo
  • Treasurer: Matthew Barrett
  • Class Representative: Louis Coptsias

Senior Class Officers

  • President: Michael Dane
  • Vice-President: Gennaro Genua
  • Secretary: Jaiden Epps
  • Treasurer: Jenna Hulstrunk
  • Class Representative: Brayden Wihbey

Student Government President: Cassidy Williams

All students who ran for class officer positions were required to make a speech. All speeches can be viewed below