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Student Council Holds a Prayer Service in Honor of the National Walk Out

On March 14th, Holy Cross High School students joined thousands of young people across the country in a National Walk Out as a memorial for the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. However, the Crusader walk-out was slightly different than others.

Instead of walking outside, the students walked to the auditorium for a prayer service led by the Student Government. The school prayed for an end to all school violence and for the safety and well-being of all students. The service was not mandatory. Students who chose not to participate gathered in the cafeteria.

A video compiled by all of the Holy Cross schools across the nation began the seventeen minute service. The video reinforced the message that Holy Cross schools educate the mind and nurture the formation of the heart. Students from all the Holy Cross schools offered messages of hope through zeal, vigilance, solidarity, gentleness, patience, respect, faith, leadership, strength, brotherhood, sisterhood, love, compassion and action.

Senior Class President Solomina Darko '18 read the names of the seventeen victims of the Parkland shooting. "Understandable, these names are not familiar to us because we did not know the people they belonged to. However, I repeat each of them to you to show that they were not just mere human beings but people who were loved and cherished by their respective families and friends. Most importantly, they were students just like you and me...We can only learn from the tragedy that took their lives and carry on their legacy. These are our fellow classmates across the nation who deserve to be educated in an environment without fear or worry that something similar may happen to them."

"It warms my heart at how our school community can come together and triumph through adversity," said Daniel Flaherty '18, Student Body President. "It is so important that we stand by our fellow classmates at Stoneman Douglas so we can help raise them up through their struggles. We participate in this, not to get out of class, but to show our support for all those innocent students and teachers who are no longer with us...We are making a difference by doing this. We are putting our foot down and saying that this is enough. However, this is not where it ends. My hope for you is that you can educate yourself and find more ways to speak up and cause a positive impact on our world so that this is the last school shooting."

Several members of Student Government led the community through prayer including Jillian Noack '18, Michael Dane '21, Vincent Graziano '19, Allysa Cayabyab '19, Mikayla Pieksza '18 and Alessandro Ward '19.

Click here to listen to the Holy Cross High School Prayer Service.