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Student Government Members Participate in Student Leadership Project

Seven Holy Cross High School student leaders sat down with Mark Choi, a senior from The Gunnery in Washington, Connecticut, to discuss the role of student leadership within the Catholic school setting. They shared their personal experiences regarding activities/projects they led, relationships with other leaders, connections with their peers, encountered challenges and student leader elections, among other topics.

Mark is currently working on an independent study that examines the similarities and differences of student leadership within independent/boarding, private/Catholic and public schools. He has conducted original research for the project. Holy Cross High School was proud to be one of the participating schools in his study. Mark was accompanied by Gunnery faculty members, Paula Gibson Krimsky and Dr. Jennifer Wojcik.

"Our students were so articulate and thoughtful with their responses," said Megan Dwyer '05, Director of Student Activities. "This group represents the very best of our community and what we stand for. We were happy to share our stories with our guests."

Student participants included: Daniel Flaherty '18, Solomina Darko '18, Vincent Graziano '19, Julia Petrokaitis '20, Allysa Caybyab '19, Genarro Genua '21 and Michael Dane '21.