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Students, Faculty & Alumni Shine at Arts on Oronoke

Crusader art work was shared with the Holy Cross community at the annual Arts on Oronoke art show. Students, faculty and alumni submitted a wide array of paintings, drawings and sculptures.

This event is a labor of love for art teachers, Michael Marseglia and Rosanne Shea and their students. Student art work is created throughout the year. "Every single art course is represented from Intro to AP," said Mrs. Shea. "It is so wonderful to see a parent's reaction to their child's work."

"It's also wonderful to see the student's reaction after their work is completed," said Mr. Marseglia. "It's great when they say, 'Wow, I never thought I could do that.' I help them activate the right side of their brain."

Both art teachers believe that art is a trainable skill as long as the student listens and applies the techniques. "Art requires students to think creatively," said Mrs. Shea. "They have to solve problems that have an infinite amount of answers."

The Crusaders who shared their art with the community include: Natasha Angel '19, Shawn Austin '20, Catherine Barber '17, Kayla Beauvais '19, Irene Bednarczyk '10, Domenic Bernard '19, John Boushie '20, Emily Bowler '17, Madison Bushka '19, Nyomie Butler '19, Jillian Campbell '17, Jennifer Carroll '17, Mira Chartier '17, Benson Chen '19, Marco Chen '19, YuXuan "Daniel" Chen '19, Carina Cornacchia '20, Emma D'Ambruoso '19, Paulo DaCosta '17, Caitlin Daly '09, Aubry DeFoe '17, Randy DeSaulniers '20, Elizabeth Diorio '20, Connor Dunn '19, Julia Dzinski '19, Ahmed Elgendy '20, Nathan Erdtmann '20, Miguel Esteves '19, Angelina Failla '18, Nicholas Fanelli '19, Macellan Fauth '18, Adam Fernandes '20, Julia Flynn '19, Lucy Gallagher '17, Domenic Genovese '20, Mary Gillette '19, Connor Goggin '19, Taylor Green '17, John Greene '20, Elvira Guerrero '19, Jeremy Hamel '19, Lauren Hamilton '19, Owen Hernandez '19, Katelyn Honegger '20, Isabela Ilievski '17, Xiaoyu "Adam" Ji '17, Matt Judson '19, Morgan Kolb '19, Alexandra Koulouris '18, James Lanese '19, Zachary Lerner '19, Pan "Peter" Li '18, Jason Lin '20, Jenny Lin '19, Diana Lower '19, Jacob Mahler '19, Jingyu (Nelson) Lu '17, Nicole Madrid '19, Camilla Marzella '19, Aiden McCarthy '18, Megan McHale '19, Kylee McIntosh '18, Julia Mecca '18, Yufei "Karissa" Meng '18, Tyler Meyhoefer '19, Madelynn Mowad '18, Grace Parenti '18, Isabella Parker '17, Allie Peschel '18, Colleen Pelletier '19, Mikayla Pieksza '18, Isabel Plant '17, Nicholas Quicquaro '18, Lauren Raad '19, Samantha Riback '17, Nicole Rohlman '18, Wyatt Shea-Levandoski '19, Danning Shi '17, Ethan Silva '20, Connor Solnik '16, Jessica Solnik '18, Colby Steinfeld '20, Michael Stenman '18, Jasmine Thorpe '19, Brooke Tymosko '20, Kevin Xu '19, Junyan "Eileen" Xue '20, Ange "Angel" Zhao '19, Shangjin Zhong '17, Lingye "Peter" Zhu '19, and faculty members, Lori Conetta, Rosanne Shea, Michael Marseglia and Andrea Rodriguez.