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Students Give St. Vincent DePaul a Helping Hand

Members of the service group, Helping Hands graciously volunteered their time on Sunday, March 1st at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen. Students prepped and served food to local citizens. "Our students were so wonderful," said Jodie LaCava McGarrity '93, faculty advisor to Helping Hands. "I am always impressed and humbled by their devotion to helping others."

Helping Hands is comprised of a group of students that meet regularly to help others in need. They have volunteered at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in the past and hosted bingo at Apple Rehab in Watertown.

Raquel Rosa '21 joined the group because she learned the importance of giving back at a very young age. "My mother is a social worker," said Raquel. "We also knew someone who worked at Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries. When I was younger, I used to volunteer at the soup kitchen. I've always been aware of service."

"My parents worked very hard for what they had," said Colette D'Alessandro '21. "My sister and I never wanted for anything. I realize how fortunate we were. I joined Helping Hands because I wanted to make an impact in someone else's life."

For Matthew Pang '20, this wasn't his first time participating in community service. "I love volunteering," he said. "We take daily things for granted. Once you volunteer, you see how people aren't as fortunate as you. It really makes you realize how lucky you are."

"We go to a great school," said Raquel. "We are very fortunate to come to Holy Cross. We want to give back since we have been given so much. It is so rewarding to meet the people who are affected by your service. They are so appreciative. Just a smile goes a long way."