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Students Participate in "iPhone Fast" to Begin the Lenten Season

Members of the Holy Cross High School community – students, faculty and staff – are starting the Lenten season off with no distractions, at least of the cellular kind. They are participating in "I Phone Fast." Headed by the Archdiocese of Hartford with the support of the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis, this campaign is asking faithful students to fast from cell phones on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

According to Maria Zone, Director of Communications from the Archdiocese of Hartford, "The thinking is that silencing our cell phones on these two holy days will give God a chance to call our hearts. I can't think of a better group of constituents than our Catholic high school students to join this campaign and encourage others to spread this meaningful message....Once they set the example, undoubtedly, their parents and other adults will follow suit."

"We were thrilled to be asked by the Archdiocese to join Archbishop Blair in promoting this," said Joseph Carrah '76, Department Chair of Theology at Holy Cross High School. "It is a very concrete way to begin the Lenten journey."

Kyle Moser '19 is one of the many students participating in this initiative. He sees it as a very modern way of looking at Lent and making sacrifices. It has been embraced by many of the participants. "They have put the phones in their lockers or silenced them," he said. "They are taking it seriously."

"This has generated a lot of awareness and discussions about the Lenten season," said Meg Dwyer '05, Director of Student Activities. "Students know it is a challenge to turn off and disconnect. They have seen how turning away from distractions allows for better connection with their faith. They are hearing a call in a different way."