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The 10th Annual Digs for Diapers

The National Honor Society recently hosted the 10th Annual Digs for Diapers Volleyball Tournament, originally called the Benefit Volleyball Tournament. Holy Cross students and faculty formed multiple teams comprised of six players and played against each other through a double elimination tournament. Once the team loses twice, they are out. The entry fee to participate was a box of diapers or wipes. All donated items went to the Greater Waterbury Catholic Charities' diaper banks for local families in need.

"Some people went over and above," said faculty member and NHS faculty advisor, Caroline Flaminio '79. "We collected over 3500 diapers and 3200 wipes. It was a great event and went very smoothly. (Athletic Director) Jerry Ciarleglio '72 officiated all of the games. Jonathan Barney '17 provided some great music that set the mood for the night."

It was a great, fun night for the Crusader community. After numerous rounds, the Dream Team and Notorious D.I.G. made it to the final two with the Dream Term emerging as the winner of the tournament.

Below is a listing of the student and faculty teams for the Digs for Diapers Volleyball Tournament.

The Dream Team: Matt Cipriano '17, Jack Ward '17, Nick Phillips '17, Chris Flynn '17, Gavin Nealon '17 & Corey Grohs '17

Notorious D.I.G.: Will Marshall '18, Zyair Rountree '18, Albert Nieves '18, Tim Zupkus '19, Dylan McGovern '18, Lizzie Diorio '20, DeAndre Wallace '18 & Wyatt Brennan '18

Star Spangled Studs: Matt Bonvicini '17, Adam Razza '17, Greg Picard '17, Charlie Borecki '17, Connor Goggin '19, Corey Fappiano '19 & Joe Bonvicini '19

Spike Tysons: Will Greene '19, Jeremy Hamel '19, Vincent Graziano '19, Kyle Moser '19, Alex Ward '19 & Jack Schiavone '19

That's What She Set: Mike Cipriano '18, Fran Phelan '18, Cameron Cooney '18, Nick Hernandez '17 & Mike Keating '17

Setting Ducks: Danny Flaherty '18, Trey Denardo '18, Grace Parenti '18, Aizlyn Zupkus '18, Mike Desaulniers '18, Caitlin Kinsella '18, Wen Ting Zheng '18, Mike Mara '18, Solomina Darko '18 & Evan Diliberto '18

No Locker Room... No Problem: Dillon Sanzari '18, Donovan Montville '17, Zach Mehlin '17, RJ Blanco '18, Jack DiFrancesco '17, Cliff Hodak '18, Jack Villano '20 & Jacob Carella '17

Spike: Madison Bushka '19, John Greene '20, Adalisse Padilla '19, Morgan Murray '19, Max Blaschke '20 & Dom Genovese '20

Young Money: Julia Sheetz '17, Maegan McGrenery '17, Allie Catalano '17, Jillian Campbell '17, Clare Sullivan '17 & Griffin Maloney '17

Advanced Placement (Faculty Team): Kate Xeller (captain), Meg Dwyer '05, Chris Sutton, Nick Lauzon, Will Peter, James Accuosti & Brian Walker '95