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The Greater Holy Cross Community Prays for World Peace

On Thursday, September 21st, the Holy Cross High School community participated in the International Day of Peace, a United Nations-recognized event. It was established in 1981 to be a globally-shared date for all humanity to commit to peace and to building a culture of peace.

"It is my hope that the students can start seeking internal peace in order to establish a culture of peace," said Kyle Piatak, Director of Campus Ministry. "Peace at the heart to have peace at home."

Holy Cross has consistently participated in this global event. Previously, they have held prayer services, painted peace rocks and created peace cranes, pinwheels and peace chains.

This year, under the leadership of Danny Flaherty '18, our school reached out to the Greater Holy Cross community. He coordinated with the other seven Holy Cross schools to have a moment of silence and a common prayer at the same time.

"This was a prayer for world peace," said Danny. "We all prayed at the same time. This past summer, I went to the Holy Cross Leadership Conference in Indiana. I made a lot of friends there. I wanted to do a project that connected our school with their schools."