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Wrestler Grayson Henderson '18 Named Third in His Weight Class

Grayson Henderson '18 was recently named third in his weight class, heavyweight (222-285lbs). He has been active on Holy Cross's Wrestling Team for four years.

Originally a football player, Grayson discovered wrestling in his freshmen year. A friend of his, also a wrestler, encouraged him to come out for the team. Grayson had a fun experience at the first practice and stuck to it.

"I like this sport because it is about what you do in your own match," said Grayson. "I love being on a team and working with others, but there is also something thrilling about being on the mat by yourself. Then, it's all you."

Grayson lists strength and skill as the two qualities that make an effective wrestler. "You really need to use your head," he said. "You need to know when you can make a move on your opponent that will be successful."

Over the years, Grayson has mastered the art of body positioning. "Sometimes, after the opponent does the smallest mannerism, I will know which move he is going to do. Sometimes, I'll let him do it so that I can counter. Other times, I will know how to stop him from making that move."

Grayon also learned lessons that transcend the wrestling world. "We have a lot of respect for each other as wrestlers. We learn not to give up. Push through. You will get what you want if you push hard."

Grayson, who lives in Waterbury, will attend King's College in Pennsylvania. He plans to major in Computer Science and minor in Music.