This page is for all of those who love and support our current Crusaders. Here, you can gain access to important updates, forms, parent club information and volunteer opportunities!

Parents Clubs

The Holy Cross Fathers’ Club and the Holy Cross Mothers’ Club are volunteer organizations of parents and guardians of Holy Cross students.

Volunteers are the key reason for our successful school programs and the development of our resources. They are committed to serving the mission of the school through service to the Holy Cross community.

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with both our Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs. Download this handout for a complete listing of Fathers' and Mothers' Club meeting dates and a description of school events that need parent involvement.


Scholarship funds have been established at Holy Cross High School by many friends, families, alumni, and staff in the hope of providing new opportunities to the young men and women of the Holy Cross Community. Many students will be recipients of these honors based on varying criteria such as academic performance, extracurricular participation, school and community contributions, economic need, and future endeavors.

Click here to see scholarships available to our current students.

Dress Code

Holy Cross High School’s dress code is designed to reinforce neatness, professionalism, responsibility and is a reflection of the importance of academic endeavors and school tradition. It is our belief that our dress code will allow for a successful educational environment and will prepare students for future life experiences. Students and parents have made a decision to attend Holy Cross and as a result we expect all students to demonstrate professional pride and good taste in their appearance.

Click here to see Holy Cross's Dress Code.


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Holy Cross High School's Parent/Student Handbook  outlines the school's policies and procedures. Questions? Please contact Mike Giampetruzzi '95, Dean of Students.

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