Important Information About Accessing Grades and Other Academic Information
Through PlusPortals, parents can view grades (in real time), attendance records, discipline reports, class schedules and demographic information.

Parent and student accounts are very different, and each should use his/her own individual access to the portal. We advise you not to share screen names and passwords. Families with multiple students enrolled at Holy Cross can view all of their children's records under one login.

Accessing Plus Portals and Creating an Account

Below are instructions for parents on how to activate an account and access PlusPortals.

  • An email message was sent to parents on Friday, August 24th with activation instructions and a link to the Portal account. Your email address that this message was sent to is your User ID.
  • Parents will then be prompted to create a password requiring at least eight characters, one being a capital letter, a number and a symbol.

Below are instructions for students on how to activate an account and access PlusPortals.

  • Students need to set up their Holy Cross Gmail account before they can access the portal.
  • Your student's Holy Cross Gmail account is:
    • Username: <lastname>.<firstname>
    • (e.g.
    • Password: holycross (Please note this is case sensitive. All letters are lower case.)
  • Please be sure to change the password once the account has been updated.
  • Once students have established their Holy Cross Gmail account, the activation process will be the same as it was for parents.
  • Students will have assistance logging into their Gmail account and setting up access to the portal on Monday, August 27th and/or Tuesday, August 28th as necessary.

Viewing Information on Your Student's Classes and Scores

Login in to to access student information at any time. Class information is shown on the student's home screen under the "Classes" tab. Scores are shown when a teacher completes grading an assignment and entering it into his/her grade book. Scores are real-time, meaning they can be viewed by the parent as soon as the teacher posts the grade for that assignment.

For Plus Portals specific questions, please click here for an interactive guide. For all other questions, please contact us at 203.757.9248.