Community Period

Welcome to the daily laboratory for exploration. Holy Cross High School carves time out in our daily schedule for you to become fully formed, life-long learners. What happens during community period? It's your choice. Hone your skills in the Math Lab, play a few rounds of tennis or join our poetry sessions. You can discover new passions, practice time management and receive more face time with your teachers.

What is Community Period?

Community Period is a daily 80 minute long period where students are given the freedom to choose how they would like to spend their time. Many academic, social and service related options are available. Through Community Period, students will learn time management, organizational skills and prioritization.  
Students can choose whether they want to

  • attend a meeting for one of our 40+ clubs and student organizations
  • attend study hall, do homework
  • meet teachers for some additional extra help

Once a week, students will participate in  Advisory Period.

What is Advisory Period?

The instruction and learning opportunities provided to our students by our faculty and staff are extraordinary. I know that we, as a faculty have not only the talent and intelligence but the courage, humility, and mindset to grow and evolve in our craft. And as we as a team work to focus our own growth and learning over the next several years, certain language will reoccur as we honestly assess the needs of our students to continuously persist and improve…

  • Engagement  vs. Compliance
  • Guided struggle and fostered independence
  • Student investment and ownership of learning
  • Growth vs. Achievement

There is no question that relevant, accessible, and challenging curriculum and the accompanying meaningful discourse that is purposefully facilitated by our teachers through our tasks is crucial to our classroom learning. But for me, all of the above elements share a common thread - a student’s ability and courage to value, understand the relevance of, and deeply personalize his/her learning. The most effective way for us to foster these desires in ALL of our kids is through the relationships we have with them. When they know we care, we are essentially modeling the investment in each other. With this in mind, we have added Advisory to our community period rotation.

We all have students that gravitate toward us for any number of reasons whether it be similar personalities or interests, the role we play in their lives, respect and admiration, or a desire for guidance they don’t find elsewhere. Every day, the same kids we are closest with visit our classrooms or offices to check in, share a story, or ask a question. These students will now be our advisees. We won’t resist a very naturally occurring phenomenon in our school by “assigning” advisors. Advisory should be a place where we can feed the relationships we already have with kids so that our voices fall on ears who have chosen to trust and respect our feedback.