Reflection and introspection make up the Holy Cross Difference. What separates us from the rest? The freedom to use our love of Christ and His teachings to let our students discover, strengthen and/or reconnect to their own faith, regardless of denomination.

We build community within our Campus Ministry Program which contains an academic and service component. This program is centered around the main tenants of Christ’s teachings – the idea of love, community and the care of others. Students are asked to reflect on their own faith and feel empowered to practice their faith and pass onto others outside the school walls. Peer Ministers also head up several Community Service initiatives including retreats, prayer services and student activities.

We also promote the spiritual growth of our students through masses and daily prayer. Masses are celebrated throughout the school year on Holy Days, feast days, Founders’ Week, and special occasions such as Junior Class Night, Thanksgiving Eve Liturgy and Graduation Liturgy. Prayer services are offered each morning in the school Chapel.