The Arts

Performing Arts

Are you an actor? A musician? A singer? Or do you want to be an actor, a musician or a singer? We offer numerous music and theatrical opportunities from beginners to the seasoned performer.

The Music Department offers a complement of both vocal and instrumental courses including Concert Band, Concert Choir, String Ensemble, Guitar & Bass Ensemble and Music Theory, among others. Student thespians can join the Holy Cross Student Theatre. The Fall Drama and Spring Musical allow cast and crew to master theater production skills including acting, set design, stage management, technical design and direction.

Fine Arts

Painters, sculptors, animators, and any student with an imagination will find a home in our Fine Arts Department. Two beautiful art studios serve as the backdrop for students to explore their creativity. Holy Cross believes that art education should identify and develop intrinsic artistic talents. The process, discipline and commitment to making art enhances confidence and self-esteem. It is known that the study of art creates “habits of mind” that transfer to a wide range of disciplines from science and math to reading and language studies.